It’s a pretty exciting time for the eCommerce community, as a few days ago, the Creatuity team, submitted a pull request to Magento to add One Touch Ordering to the core Magento codebase. This means that One Touch ordering becomes available to Magento Merchants, very soon!

This new feature will undoubtedly have a positive impact on mobile optimisation and mobile conversion rates as it offers consumers an easier route to the checkout, on-the-go. The “One Click Checkout” extension is a great way of helping customers enjoy online shopping as they can now finalise their orders directly from the product page, without going through the whole product-cart-checkout cycle.

What Is One Touch Buying?

It’s pretty self-explanatory, ”one-click” or ”one-touch” buying, is the technique of allowing customers to make online purchases with a single click. It works because the payment information needed to complete the transaction has already been entered previously and saved in their customer account. Making for a customer checkout journey that’s nice, easy and stress-free!

This ability to use already stored details in the One Click process is made available through the payment gateway Braintree and their vaulted credit card method that is native to Magento 2. It allows logged-in users to place an order with a single touch, by using default billing and shipping information already stored on their account.

But why has One Touch taken so long to achieve if it’s hugely beneficial to the online customer journey? For years, the One Touch function has been a patented concept, reserved exclusively for Amazon. Now that patent has expired, One Touch ordering becomes available to Magento Merchants, good news!

Key Features Of One Touch Ordering

  • Buy with a single mouse click
  • Direct checkout from product page & cart page
  • “Continue shopping” and “Standard Checkout” links in Cart Review pop-up
  • Choose customer groups eligible for ordering with One Click Checkout
  • Define the available payment methods
  • Multistore support

How Can Magento Merchants Get One Touch Buying?

Key features such as One Touch ordering should be available to everyone that’s utilising the Magento platform and shouldn’t require the purchase or maintenance of a separate extension.

As well this, Creatuity have made this an open source feature where other developers can enhance it, build on it and hopefully contribute their improvements back to the core as well. The open source foundation that the Magento platform rests on is one of the most powerful aspects of Magento – no other competing platform has this feature yet and by allowing contributions from the community, Magento is able to be the first platform to offer this feature.

How Will One Touch Benefit Businesses And Buyers?

The fact that visit conversion is nearly 3 times higher on desktop vs smartphone show that there’s still a long way to go when it comes to mobile optimised design. However, this One Touch buying feature is something that is sure to positively increase conversion rates across all platforms, but especially for users on-the-go.

Ordering from mobile devices is often cumbersome, due to limited screen space and short buying window time. Making on-the-go buyers go through the entire checkout process, is a major factor when it comes to soaring basket abandonment rates!

 One Touch Ordering Becomes Available To Magento Merchants | iWeb

One of the quickest ways to lose your customer is to bore them with a seemingly endless checkout process. However, now that the One Touch ordering becomes available to Magento Merchants, the pre-populated customer details feature it offers massively reducing the obstacles a customer faces when getting to the checkout area. If people have less time to think about their purchase they’re less likely to abandon their purchase!

Looking to learn more about One Touch ordering or Magento more generally? Get in touch, we’d love to chat with you.