It’s official, iWeb have achieved Bronze Solution Partner status with Akeneo PIM! As a leading open source software solution, the Akeneo PIM is designed to help retailers find efficient answers to their multichannel needs through a centralised and streamlined product data management system.

In addition, the Akeneo PIM functions simultaneously as a productivity tool, enabling both marketing and development teams to facilitate a more organised and streamlined workflow. Let’s find out more about PIM and how it can benefit everyone.

What is a PIM?

A PIM (Product Information Management) is both a product information storage and management system, that centralises and harmonises all your marketing and technical information for product listings and catalogues.

In addition to storing and transferring data, PIMs strengthen overall data quality and encourage data audits and cleansing before the information is passed on to the sales channel.

To see how a PIM system can help eCommerce businesses in real terms, watch ‘The Story of Julia’, a marketing manager who was saved by Akeneo.

What Are The Benefits?

iWeb Bronze Partner | Akeneo PIM

Many companies who encounter problems with their day-to-day product management have introduced a consolidated system like the Akeneo PIM. See for yourself some of the many benefits of the Akeneo PIM system:

Expand Product Offerings

Spend less time managing your current products and more time onboarding new products.

Decrease Time-To-Market

Get your products to market faster across multiple channels and regions.

Build a Uniform, Cross-Channel Product Experience

Eradicate inconsistent or incomplete content on different channels. Centralise your data and choose what information to promote for every channel.

Go Global

Streamline localisation workflows to easily translate your data. Whether you’re working with third party or internal translators, Akeneo drastically speeds up localisation efforts.

Increase Turnover

Better product information means more purchases and fewer returns.

Akeneo PIM Projects

At iWeb, we’re in the exciting process of launching Akeneo PIM projects with some of our clients.

1. Caterite and Grapevine Wine Services

iWeb Bronze Partner | Akeneo PIM

We are currently integrating Akeneo into Caterite and Grapevine Wine Services. Akeneo will sit between their Swords ERP and both of their Magento 1 websites helping them enrich their product data before it’s published to the web.

2. KRM Building Supplies

iWeb Bronze Partner | Akeneo PIM

We are integrating Akeneo into KRM Building Supplies merchant, Akeneo will be between their ACSL ERP and their new Magento Commerce 2 website. Akeneo will help KRM enrich their products, add multiple images, PDF attachments and video to their products before it’s published to the web.

To find out more about the Akeneo PIM, head over to their webpage. Alternately, get in touch us, we’d be happy to talk.