Say hello to Professor Xavier, well it certainly feels like I’ve been guided by the warm words of Patrick Stewart since starting at iWeb 6 weeks ago as well as beginning my Magento 2 training. I’m completely new to Magento 2 and joining as a Magento Developer, I knew I’d have to learn it from scratch.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Starting on a Friday, I was given a whistle-stop induction by Ian Gordon. I met everyone I’d be working with and was informed of all the usual bits and pieces associated with the role itself. I completely forgot everyone’s names afterwards of course but luckily there was a handy laid out organisation chart for me to look at.


Tom Hart – Magento Developer


The next week I had some pretty intense training from Magento Master Jissie Reitsma from Yireo, about Magento 2 development. The training was fantastic and covered a huge range of topics and even though it was heavily detailed, it helped me gain a grasp of both the complexity of Magento 2 and some best practices relating to the platform.

I also went along to a hackathon organised by Andrew ‘Pembo’ Pemberton,  our newly appointed Director, although I did find myself doing more M2 training to get myself up to speed with Magento 2. Plus we did order pizza in! ?

Since starting as a Magento Developer at iWeb I’ve been learning the ropes of Magento 2 and as with any system, will continue to learn it for some time, given all the potential routes M2 could take in the future.

Teamwork, Culture & Sausage Check

Everyone here is awesome. You feel part of a team. The office is open plan, meaning you can ask for advice quite easily if you’re stuck. I tend to come across as quiet because I’m naturally introverted, although I’m typically like that more when I’m focusing on one thing and am trying to absorb it as much as possible.

I tend to throw myself in and do what’s required for the team. I’m still trying to get up to speed and unleash my potential as a Magento Developer here. I still feel like a newbie but it’s slowly starting to wear off. ?

The main bonus working at iWeb is how much everyone helps each other in the office. If you’ve got a silly issue staring at you in your face, you can ask literally anyone around to check your code (*sausage check) Here are a few common example:

Why isn’t this loading correctly? Spelling mistake in the variable name.

Why aren’t my changes loading? Clear static file cache.

Speaking of sausage, having the regular Friday morning breakfast butty run is a bonus, organised by Ricki. ?

First Task As A Magento Developer At iWeb

My first job as a Magento Developer at iWeb has been a standalone frame size calculator for our client Raleigh. It just holds dummy data at the moment as it’s reliant on real-world data to be completely accurate. However, it made me feel good just getting something out of the door after spending so long training.

The Future

I have started to do some tasks for clients and it’s been great. Although I’m still a newbie and learning internal processes, I feel as though I am picking up what I need to do to get the job done.

Magento Developer | Tom Hart | iWeb

I intend on continuing to work with Magento 2 and the successes and challenges it brings. It will be interesting to see how M2’s approach to front-end technologies progresses and how I can contribute to the emerging landscape here at iWeb.


To infinity and beyond – Buzz Lightyear


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