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What Is Pricesearcher And Why Do Retailers Need It?

Wouldn’t it be great to know you’re getting the cheapest price possible for all the products you want? As a consumer, you’ll often find the place you sourced your “bargain” from, is actually over-selling the product and you could’ve paid a lesser price elsewhere. Say hello to Pricesearcher.

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Though you may think Google or a price comparison site does this anyway, it’s not always the case. Sam Dean, founder of Pricesearcher states he has developed the first ever truly unbiased and comprehensive shopping search platform. Let’s see what Pricesearcher has to offer.

Google has been known to skew its online shopping results towards its own platform. With that, “the European Commission handed the tech giant a mammoth €2.7bn fine for doing so.” – Independent

What Is Pricesearcher?

“Pricesearcher is a free and unbiased product search engine.”

Get access to all the worlds prices, from all sources across the internet, in one place. That means you can see prices for a particular product from Retailers, Marketplaces like Amazon, Price Comparison Sites and more. You can be sure that by completing one simple search, you’re granted access to all of this data to find the best deal.

Consumer Benefits

Why Do Retailers Need Pricesearcher?

For a retailer, although you may think this could hinder your sales and make what’s an already competitive world, more competitive, it does have benefits. Sick of feeling like a small fish in a big pond? As Pricesearcher is an unbiased search engine, it means that sellers of all sizes can display their products to the world, with no entry barriers.

Retailer Partner Benefits | Pricesearcher Retail Benefits | Pricesearcher Retail Partners

Is Your Traffic Coming From Pricesearcher Already?

Pricesearcher indexes data from the seven main sources of data. So, as a retailer, you probably appear in one or more of these channels already. However, it’s not guaranteed. It’s highly likely that well-known retailer, Amazon, already had its products listed, yet it supplied its product feed to ensure each of its 80 million company products was indexed.

Retailer Benefits

Interested in uploading your product data? Check out this link.

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