It’s clear that video content is becoming a large contributor to the world we know today. We see it on our TV’s, social media channels and now even in the product pages on eCommerce websites using platforms like Magento. With its ease of use, many of us end up “mindlessly” watching and enjoying videos regularly throughout the day.

Advertisers have quickly identified video as an opportunity to influence consumer buying behaviour but like many marketing tactics, learning how to do this isn’t straightforward. So, here is our guide on how to make the most of video your Magento Commerce website.

Exposing humans to visual information that involves movement is by far the best way to affect our emotions, and ultimately our purchasing behaviour.

Why Video Works?

Before we begin, it’s crucial to understand why video works. Here is why:

  • It gives us a visual scene that becomes an experience in a way that text never can.
  • Movement grabs our attention. Paying attention to motion is a skill humans have always used to survive; it’s part of our DNA.
  • Humans get the sense of a visual scene in 1/10 of a second.
  • 90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.

  • Humans are hard-wired to avoid cognitive strain, so a video is more enjoyable for viewers as it’s easier to absorb information in this format.
  • Your brain contains mirror neurons that are the reason we tend to smile at a video that contains someone else smiling, laughing, showing they’re scared and so on. It does this for how you would feel in a situation as well as facial expressions.

It’s evident that video content plays a significant role in getting your viewers to convert to customers. For retailers, often goals include including awareness for particular products and so, it’s about generating conversions for specific items as well as the brand in general.

Did You Know? Humans actually process visual information an incredible 60,000 times faster than written information.

As a result, it’s imperative that eCommerce videos feature individual goods, showcasing key product information that’s put into “real-life” context. After all, if someone is looking to buy something from you, they want to see how it works in the real world by real buyers, not just your company’s opinion of how great the product may be.

But how do you create amazing products videos?

How To Create A Great Product Video (in 4 Sworn-by Steps)

Depending on your audience, there’ll be different methods that enable you to create successful product videos. However, the main principles that each retailer should take into close consideration are:

1. Context is Crucial

Don’t just show off your product from your business’ perspective. Show how it fits into the bigger picture of your customers’ lives. They’ll want to see how it increases their overall happiness and contributes to a better life.

Putting your product into context works similar to how customer reviews do. Customer reviews are known to be great sources for driving both traffic and conversions for a site and since video is proven to be a preferred format for many audiences, watching reviews

2. Treat it like a Show and Tell

It’s important that when describing your product to users, especially if it’s the first time they see your product, to keep it simple. Abide by the rules of a show and tell. Show them what it is and point out key features to note. Next, tell them exactly what it is, how they can use it and how it enriches their lives. It’s that simple.

3. Customer Stories

Once they know what your product is and how they can use it to enrich their lives, they’ll want the real-life examples to back it up. Make sure you include customer-driven content that clearly shows how to use it, perhaps how simple the generic buyers finds using it and their overall experience with the product.

If it’s a new product about to be launched and you don’t yet have the customer testimonials to back it up, share snippets of the people behind the product. Let them tell the audience why they created it, what the intentions of the good were and so on. That way they can really understand not just the product and how it’s designed to enhance their lives but your overall brand too.

4. Branding

Although we’ve always been taught that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, in this case, what’s on the outside that matters too. As already mentioned, your product video isn’t just an advertisement for your product but your brand itself. Make sure the content is produced to high standards and is given a stamp of professionalism by customising it with your logo and similar.

For more information on creating a great product video, see here.

Once you’ve created your video, you’ll want to sit back and watch some of the many benefits come crawling through to your business.

Benefits of Video in eCommerce Sites

1. Virtual Demonstration

It’s great that the text description explains what the product does and maybe goes in-depth on its key features but with consumers becoming increasingly sceptical of the claims that are made in marketing, they want to see proof.

If your product videos are done well – using the 4 above steps – you’ll give them all the proof they need to make a purchase which brings us onto eliminating any consumer doubt.

Helps Eliminate Consumer Doubt

Users will not only want to know that the product they’re buying is of high quality but also that they can trust you as a brand. Hence, especially for start-up companies, it’s important to tell the story of your brand as well as your product. That way they can learn about you by connecting directly with you, to

2. Boost Rankings in Search Results

Videos with rich, relevant content can help improve SEO. If optimising correctly with clear, concise title, description and maybe even a transcript, they show to search engines that your page has information people are asking for in their search requests.

If you upload your product videos to channels such as YouTube or even IGTV (Instagram Television), you’re creating additional backlinks to your site and hence these views and shares found on these applications will help to increase the value of your content.

Magento product page videos
Magento makes adding your videos to product pages super simple.

3. Increase Conversions

When product pages include video demos, you’re likely to find that the new of users who add the product to their basket, massively increases. Not just this, but you’ll also find that the number of conversions you then generate increases too. Need some proof?

4. Build Trust via Increased Engagement

When you go into a store even if you’re not planning on buying a product, touching and “getting a feel” for them, is a vital cog in changing your mind and getting you to make a sale. As users cannot touch the products they’re interested in when shopping online, it’s important you show them someone else handling it.

This allows the users to see what the product looks like from different angles and the size of it in comparison to the demonstrator’s hands and so on. Hence, it gives them a better idea of the product they’re buying and its features than a static image.

5. Reduced Number of Product Returns

Moving on, if the user gets a better idea of the product they’re buying they’re less likely to be disappointed with it.

Product videos can reduce return rates by 25%.

However, it goes without saying that you need to do your research before filming to ensure the lighting, set up and so on, doesn’t cloud the consumer’s judgement and wrongly showcase the product. As much as you want the video to look great, you must make sure it’s true to the product.


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