Of the many online review management platforms available to retailers and service providers, Trustpilot is one of the largest with over 500,000 new reviews posted to its network on a monthly basis.

Building your brand with Trustpilot

Trustpilot allows customers to provide feedback on products, experiences and services they’ve received from companies by leaving organic reviews and sharing star ratings publicly to help others make more informed purchasing decisions, businesses improve their processes and even potential employees find out what working with that company is like.

For customers in the discovery phase a reviews section is critical. Traditionally, peer referrals convert far more effectively than corporate marketing messaging and companies proactively and effectively utilising reviews can reap the rewards.

As these platforms become more sophisticated, integration with other platforms has created a more streamlined process for providing reviews on product pages as well as including review information in search results on Google.

By partnering with a platform such as Trustpilot you can get to know your customers better, improve your customer service workflows and benefit from a whole range of features. Here are just a few of them…

Main features of Trustpilot

Easily collect reviews

The key to collating good customer reviews is by being proactive in seeking feedback. By doing so you and opening yourself up to criticism you can built trust with existing and future customers alike.

Trustpilot makes it easy to invite customers to leave reviews for your company through responsive forms, emails and more. The ‘Automated Feedback Service’ allows you to send time delayed, automated posts which will gather feedback without constant management.

You’re able to set the timescale before the review request is sent to suit your product or service exactly, with scheduled reminders to follow up with customers who are yet to respond.

Manage your reviews

Once your reviews are coming in thick and fast, keeping on top of responding to them is easy thanks to Trustpilot’s simple interface.

Your reviews and responses are public, so maintaining a regular, authoritative presence on the platform is key to generating a more positive sentiment, increased referrals and more positive reviews as a whole.

It’s especially important to respond to negative reviews, as it gives more confidence to customers that you’re trying to solve their issues, rather than shying away. Customers can always edit their reviews later on to a more positive sentiment if they’ve received good enough service to warrant it.

Trustpilot’s internal teams and algorithms check for suspicious activity such as:

  • Multiple reviews submitted from the same IP address
  • Reviews from countries where products are not sold
  • Unusual patterns or spikes in activity

Multiple third-party integrations

Each business that signs up for a Trustpilot account will have their own company profile, hosted on Trustpilot where customers will be able to view all reviews and responses collecting over time and linking back to your website.

Being utilised by some of the leading retailers and service providers around the world, it’s no surprise that Trustpilot has seamless integrations with popular apps and platforms, including Magento, Dotmailer, Shopify, WooCommerce and Hootsuite.

Boosting your SEO

Retailers targeting review based keywords can often benefit from increased visibility in search results thanks to reciprocal links from well established review providers such as Trustpilot.

With the built-in Rich Snippets feature within Trustpilot, you can pull through special features such as reviews stars, detailed product information and display reviews all within the search results page and drive more organic traffic to your product pages.

Analytics & trends

Comparing your feedback over time can help you address customer service issues, recognise busy periods and find the collection method for reviews that generates the most responses.

Pairing this information with standard tracking metrics such as traffic, conversion rate and revenue can help you make better decisions in terms of when to plan your promotions, tweak your invitation messaging and provide a better overall experience for your customers.

Add benefits to your bottom line

The exact benefits to your company will vary depending on your sector, how proactive you are with using your reviews and, ultimately, the quality of your product or service.

Having said that, customer reviews validated by a third party partner such as Trustpilot will build trust with your customers and could increase your conversion rate by around 20%.

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