So you have been to asked for your Public SSH Key? We are here with a quick guide into getting hold of one on your Windows PC or Laptop! Our guide is aimed for Windows 10, 8 and 7, however you will find installation is pretty much the same on other versions of Windows.

Step 1 – Download the right software

The easiest way of gaining an SSH Key is to download some software that will generate the key for you.

There are lots of similar software out there, but we tend to recommend PuTTYGen for this.

First of all, grab the download package for PuTTY from here.

Once you have selected to download the installer, Windows 10 will automatically run the installer. For some older versions, you may have to do this manually.

If so, open Windows Explorer by right clicking on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner and then selecting the file name from your downloads directory.

When the installer is up and running, go through the processes (you can keep clicking next) until it has been successfully installed.

Step 2 – Generate Your SSH Keys

Once PuTTYGen is installed and running on your machine, open up the software and hit the Generate button as seen below:

You will be asked to help with the randomness of the key by moving your mouse over the blank area, this will gradually fill the progress bar, so keep going until it’s completed.

Step 3 – Save your Private Key, send your Public Key

Once the bar is filled you will be given the screen below. You will need to save the Private Key and keep that safe somewhere on your computer. You should NEVER share your Private Key, so keep it a secret!

Once you have your Public Key, this will need to be sent over to your server technician. You can either save this using the relevant buttons in the window or copy and paste it from the first text box.

Once we’ve received your Public Key, our server technicians can set you up with access to the server and talk you through how to connect.

If you need any further assistance, please contact your account manager by raising a support ticket or calling the office on 01785 279920.

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