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Akeneo Enterprise Features – Validation Workflow

Validation Workflow is another key feature exclusively available in the Akeneo Enterprise edition. This feature lets you review and approve changes with the validation workflow engine meaning only accurate information gets published.

For example, if a member of the team makes an edit to a product, the person with the correct permissions will be notified of this change and will have the chance to review it before it gets published. When you have higher quality product information published, you’ll likely experience higher conversions at reduced rates.

In our Advanced Rights Management blog, we showed you how to manage the roles and permissions of who has access to your PIM. When you have defined these roles, the access and types of actions will be limited for certain users.

When making edits to product information, users who are ‘simple contributors’ will need to send their changes for approval. Product owners will then be able to validate these changes, and once approved, it will be applied to the product and ready for export.

If a change is rejected, the user can add comments providing reasons why the change was not approved and also edit the change that has been submitted and approve this new version whilst rejecting the previous one.

What are the advantages of validation workflow?

If you would like to learn more about the Akeneo enterprise features, take a look at our ‘9 Key Features of Akeneo Enterprise Edition”blog.

As Akeneo PIM partners, iWeb can help you consolidate all of your data into one easy to use solution. Better product information means more purchases and fewer returns.

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