We’ve all seen it online, empty shelves amid panic buying, and the elderly and vulnerable left with empty shopping baskets and rationed food. We just couldn’t sit back and watch the most vulnerable of society go without during this pandemic, so we created something wonderful. We have partnered with Foodservice Online designed to help local communities get better access to food during COVID-19.

What is Local Food Drops?

Local Food Drops, which launched this week, connects local communities with suppliers offering food and essentials during COVID-19 with safe click and collect or delivery options. The initiative hopes to alleviate the pressures on supermarkets and give the most vulnerable the opportunity to get the supplies they need, safely and at wholesale prices.

The initiative, which gives the vulnerable and elderly priority, allows consumers to order wholesale supplies at any time, with flexible delivery, drop off and pickup options to enable families to safely self isolate as the UK battles lockdown. For peace of mind, Local Food Drops’ fleet is cleaned around the clock to eliminate the likelihood of transmission and safeguarding checks are completed on each and every member of staff to continue to deliver a service that keeps our nation safe.

Why we launched Local Food Drops

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According to new consumer research, one third of shoppers admit to stockpiling food in preparation for a major coronavirus outbreak, with 67% of shoppers voicing their feelings of concern about shops running out of groceries to feed their families.

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden said that there was “absolutely no need” for stockpiling, and advice from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has urged people not to leave their home, attend any gatherings, or go out shopping. 

However, government guidance has fallen on deaf ears, as mass panic amid COVID-19 worries has caused a surge in panic buying, leaving supermarket shelves empty and some of the most at risk shoppers unable to buy supplies needed to safely self isolate.

Heddwyn Coombs, a director at iWeb said, “The scenes we have seen online have unsettled us. We believe that the best way to conquer the pandemic is by pulling together. In doing so, we are determined to give everyone, both young and old, the opportunity to purchase the supplies they need. Because no one deserves to go without whilst tackling this pandemic.”

He continues, “Local Food Drops’ website was constructed in just a few days by our team, working day and night to give communities the supplies they need sooner, rather than later. This is our attempt to help during the pandemic, whilst working closely with hospitals and local authorities to identify people who need us most.”

Local Food Drops partners

Local Food Drops have partnered with both local and national businesses to help deliver food supplies to the nation. Here are just a handful:

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