We’ve all been a customer in one form or another. So we can all understand the importance of receiving good customer service. Any bad customer service experiences that we’ve had; long waiting times, unhelpful responses, misunderstandings and so on, are the ones we warn others about.

If you’re an online business, ensuring that you are providing a high quality customer service on your eCommerce store should be a top priority. 

As a Premier Partner of Gorgias, the #1 rated help desk for eCommerce merchants, it’s even easier for us to help you turn your support centre into a profit centre. In this blog post, we’re giving you an introduction to our tech partners, Gorgias, and we will discuss the importance of having a streamlined support system.

Importance of eCommerce Customer Service


Your services, products, and positioning undoubtedly play a large role in the success of your business. However, your relationship with your customers also plays a huge role in building your brand loyalty and increasing conversions.

Receiving a bad customer experience means that in future we avoid that company and tell others to do the same. Whereas receiving a good customer experience can encourage us to tell others about how good of a service we received, which would encourage both repeat and new custom.

Improving your eCommerce Customer Service with Gorgias

With any area of running an online business, the more you can automate, the more time you have to focus on other aspects of the business.

In eCommerce customer service, serving customers online across multiple platforms with data in various places can be a very time consuming task. Instead, automate responses to repeat questions and centralise customer interactions. This can enable your customer support team to spend more of their time on meaningful and profitable interactions with your customers.

With many sophisticated features, Gorgias aims to make helping customers a better experience for both your customers and your support team. Here are a few of the main features within the Gorgias platform…

Enhance support

Providing an above-average customer experience on your eCommerce store will improve relationships with your customers and potential customers. In turn, this therefore strengthens your brand.

The Gorgias helpdesk centralises all of your support tickets in one place, from across multiple channels. With all of your customer’s data displayed when you’re talking to them, it’s a lot easier for your support staff to provide a great service.

Support faster

Running an eCommerce business can mean lots of data, in lots of different places. When you’re trying to serve someone quickly, it can be a challenge collecting the data you need in a timely manner. 

Gorgias allows customer service agents to edit orders, modify subscriptions, and refund payments without having to leave the helpdesk to collect information from other places.

There’s no need to go back and forth between a chat area and the backend of your website to get their details. This means that the customer is waiting for less time on the other end of the chat, therefore leading to a positive experience for both sides of the conversation!

Automate Support

One huge positive of operating an online business is the ability to automate and simplify tasks. 

Your eCommerce customer service is no exception. Parts of the process can be simplified with platforms like Gorgias, which result in removing time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Automating the tasks like cutting and pasting frequently asked questions, to fully automating and closing out tickets. Your support team will spend less time looking for relevant information, and more time engaging with customers.

Analyse your statistics

Day to day, when serving customers, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and focus solely on the present. However,  it’s really important to use the analytics available to you. This allows you to make adjustments to your service, based on the service you have given in the past.

Using machine learning, Gorgias detects customers intents like shipping, refund, exchange, and many others. You can then use this information to set up automatic replies for quickness when people ask these questions in future.

The support agent activities are tracked and recorded in metrics like ticket volume, response time, and resolution time. With stats on pre-sale tickets, converted tickets, and total sales, you can deep-dive into the data and use it to meet your business goals. As a results, you can make improvements to your service.

Benefits of Gorgias, an eCommerce customer service platform

As mentioned, eCommerce help desks like Gorgias help turn your customer service team into a profit centre by putting customers first. An overcomplicated or oversimplified process can end up frustrating customers, as opposed to serving them successfully.

Improving your eCommerce customer service experience with a platform like Gorgias has many benefits including:

Increase conversion rates

No matter where they are in the world, wherever you operate your business you should be able to easily connect with your customers and target market. 

By having genuine, person-to-person conversations and giving visitors a personalised shopping experience, you are providing help that’s catered to them. This gives you a higher chance of that person making a purchase, and so converts visitors into shoppers.


Engage with customers before they reach your website

With multichannel businesses and lots of marketing strategies in place, customers can be asking about your products in many different places online. 

Responding to customers on your ads and posts, builds a strong and genuine relationship with them before they have even visited your website. 

Building relationships and serving visitors before they seek more information provides them with a high quality service. This can increase your sales and ad effectiveness by the equivalent of a 5% increase in ad-spend!


Unlock sales via live chat, text and social media

As mentioned above, your customers won’t always be on your website. There are lots of other places that you can talk to them.

By reaching out to customers on these other channels, you have more touchpoints and places to build genuine relationships. 

Gorgias tracks all sales generated by support agents over text messages, social media answers, and live chat conversations. Therefore, you get a better idea of where your sales are coming from and how you can capitalise on those conversations.

A helpdesk for Magento Stores

Being a Magento Enterprise Solution Partner, we naturally always have the Magento Platform at the forefront of our minds. Gorgias values Magento just as much as we do, and the helpdesk can be fully integrated with your Magento stack. 

Securely connecting with Magento means that you have your customers’ data and order history at your agents’ fingertips. Using data from Magento, you can provide an amazing customer experience by quickly responding to your customers. This encourages them to return to your brand in future and tell others about the positive experience that they received.

Multi-store Connection

“But can you achieve this if you have multiple Magento stores?” We hear you ask…you can! 

Utilising our tech partner Gorgias, you are able to connect all of your Magento Stores to centralise tickets. By centralising all support tickets, you can save valuable time and create a seamless process for your customer service team.

Gorgias and our clients

Gorgias is currently used by over 210,000 support agents around the world every day. 

Some of our clients have already jumped on board and have taken the step towards providing a better customer experience with Gorgias.

Tile Giant

Using the Gorgias platform, Tile Giant makes use of the live chat feature on their website. 

Talking to visitors in real time can increase the website conversion rate. Tile Giant can assist with order queries, decision-making whilst browsing and advising customers on a personal level.

Live chat campaigns can also be triggered based on the URL, to automatically engage in conversations with visitors. For example, if there is a particular category or product line that the customer service team received a lot of queries about, the live chat feature can pop up to help proactively.

If you would like to learn more about the Gorgias features, head to their website, or get in touch with us today.

As Premium Gorgias Partners, iWeb can help you to implement a more efficient and profitable customer support system.