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If you've outgrown your existing system or require a solution that has better end to end functionality, talk to us first. Our skilled Magento team will assist in planning a strategy, then designing and developing the right size eCommerce solution for you.

  • 20 years eCommerce experience
  • UK in-house team
  • Wide sector experience
  • Certified Magento experience
  • Support to grow your business
  • In-house optimised hosting
  • Fine tuned development process
  • Dedicated support team
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"I think I would have been extremely lucky to find a web developers that would have been capable of delivering what iWeb have delivered... it really has transformed our business."

James Hylton

Sales & Marketing Manager at Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd

Why choose Magento

The Magento eCommerce platform offers all the advanced B2B functionality and flexibility you will need to allow your business to grow.

As it's an open source platform, most of the expensive development work has already been carried out by a global network of programmers – which means iWeb can pass on that cost saving to you.

  • Negotiated pricing terms
  • Quick order functionality
  • Back office integration
  • Inventory tracking
  • Currency & territory handling
  • Customer groups

Magento features at a glance

What really sets Magento apart is it's host of B2B features, plugins and options that allows us to tailor it to your business objectives.

Features include:

  • Bespoke branded stores
  • Dedicated customer pricing
  • Currency and territory handling
  • Scalable hosting solutions
  • Negotiated pricing
  • Search with catalogue attribute filtering
  • Inventory tracking
  • Quick order functionality
  • Selection of payment methods
  • Ability to reorder from previous order historyv
  • Variety of merchandising and promotional tools
  • Modular options to suit complex or straightforward requirements
  • Multi-site capabilities for global websites - including multi-lingual
  • Personalised ordering experience for different customer groups
  • Integration with all major ERP & back office systems

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Our team of certified Magento experts have years of experience in designing and building B2B eCommerce websites.


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or fill in the quick form and one of our B2B eCommerce experts will call you back.

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