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The Right eCommerce Digital Strategy

Got a vision to achieve a better eCommerce business but looking for some help to guide you there? That's where we come in. We will work with you to audit, plan, execute, analyse and continually optimise your digital strategy for eCommerce success.

1. Digital Audit

  • Analysis of current digital presence
  • Inital evolution of digital KPI's
  • First revelation of quick fixes and suggestion of strategic need
  • Understanding of first critical key principles that guide your digital strategy in the market industry

Identification Of Digital Potential

2. Strategic Planning

  • Detailed analysis of digital KPI's
  • Impact of technological development onto product portfolio
  • New digital products and services development
  • Identification of capabilities and strategy

Planning of customised digital strategy

3. Strategy Execution

  • Set up a reporting structure
  • Measurement and controlling of digital KPI's
  • Understanding customers tough points
  • Integration of analytics, tracking and UX tools
  • Frequent reviews

Planning of customised digital strategy

Execution of digital strategy

4. Continuous Optimisation

  • Close client communication
  • Creation of traceability
  • First adaptation based on technological changes within the digital landscape
  • Digital strategy workshops

Ongoing improvement of digital strategy

5. Revenue Generation

  • Reduction of customer acquisition costs
  • Customer centric approach which helps gain higher conversion rates
  • Save money by exactly targeting the right audience
  • Efficient budget allocation increases revenue with improved UX / customer journey

Ongoing improvement of digital strategy

Increase in ROI & create new revenue streams

6. Competetive Advantage

  • Data quality assessment
  • Further strategy development
  • Review of project and initial objective measures
  • Benchmarking against competitors and industry
  • Evaluation of objective measures

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