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At iWeb, we understand that the trade supplies sector demands a specific set of features to efficiently manage and sell products online. That’s why our Ecommerce solutions are equipped with specialised capabilities designed to meet the unique requirements of builders’ merchants. Each feature of our solution is meticulously crafted to enhance the buying experience, ensuring that every interaction on your site is intuitive, informative, and tailored to the trade industry.

Advanced search options

Knowing that time is of the essence for trade professionals, our solutions include advanced search functionalities that allow users to quickly and accurately find the products they need:

Intelligent search algorithms

Enhance user experience with smart search options that predict search queries and provide relevant results based on user behaviour and preferences.

Filtering capabilities

Robust filtering options that help customers narrow down their search based on product attributes like size, material, brand, and price, making it easier to locate the exact supplies required.

Customised pricing models

Each trade business has its unique pricing dynamics. Our Ecommerce solutions support:

Flexible pricing options

Implement customised pricing strategies that cater to different customer segments, including bulk order discounts and exclusive pricing for loyal customers.

Dynamic pricing tools

Utilise dynamic pricing models that automatically adjust prices based on variables such as demand, inventory levels, and promotional activities to maximise profitability.

Real-time inventory management

To keep pace with the fast-moving nature of trade sales, our solutions offer comprehensive inventory management systems that provide real-time visibility and control:

Stock level tracking

Maintain accurate stock counts to ensure product availability and avoid stock-outs or excess inventory.

Automatic reordering

Set parameters for automatic reordering, which helps maintain inventory levels without manual intervention, ensuring that popular items are always in stock.

Detailed product information

We know that detailed product information is vital for trade customers to make informed purchasing decisions:

Enhanced product pages

Include extensive details like technical specifications, usage instructions, compatibility information, and safety guidelines.

Rich media

Support for high-resolution images and videos to help customers better understand the products and how they can be used in their projects.

Seamless order processing and fulfilment

Our Ecommerce solutions streamline the order process from start to finish, making it efficient and user-friendly:

Simplified checkout process

A streamlined checkout experience that reduces hassle and speeds up the transaction process.

Integrated shipping solutions

Connect with multiple shipping carriers to offer various delivery options, including same-day delivery for urgent requirements.

Robust customer account management

Empower your customers with the ability to easily manage their purchases and account details:

Order tracking and history

Users can view their order history and track the status of current orders in real-time.

Personalised accounts

Customisable account settings that allow customers to manage their information, set preferences, and create lists of frequently purchased items.

Discover the iWeb difference and how our specialised Ecommerce features can transform your Trade Supplies Merchant business. Contact us today to explore our tailored solutions, or request a demo to see our solution in action. At iWeb, we’re committed to enhancing your online sales and supporting the unique demands of your trade customers.

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