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Integration and Expertise at iWeb: Streamlining Builders' Merchants Operations

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At iWeb, we pride ourselves on our deep integration expertise and the ability to seamlessly synchronise new digital solutions with your existing business systems. Our comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in integrating various software ensures that your transition to online selling is not only smooth but sets a foundation for enhanced operational efficiency.

Proven track record with leading software

Our technical prowess extends across all major ERP and CRM systems, positioning iWeb as a leader in the integration of complex business tools. We have substantial experience working with:


Leveraging the robust capabilities of Microsoft’s suite to enhance data connectivity and business intelligence.


Integrating with SAP for advanced resource planning and management, ensuring comprehensive data accuracy and real-time operational visibility.

Epicor BisTrack

Utilising Epicor BisTrack for its strong supply chain and retail management solutions, tailor-made for merchants looking to expand and streamline operations.


Specialising in the integration of Kerridge systems, known for their distribution management strengths, to optimise the trade and inventory processes.


Implementing Oracle solutions to maximise the efficiency of financial and human capital management within your Ecommerce environment.

Intact IQ

Connecting with IntactIQ for its bespoke software solutions that offer detailed insights and control over your financials and operations.

Seamless integration services

Our integration services are designed to ensure that your Ecommerce solution works harmoniously with existing systems, providing a unified solution that drives business growth:

Custom integration solutions

We develop custom integration strategies that are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of builders’ merchants, ensuring that all systems communicate effectively without data silos.

Data synchronisation

Our solutions facilitate real-time data synchronisation across all solutions, ensuring that information is always current and accurate, from inventory levels to customer details and transaction records.

Process automation

By automating workflows between your Ecommerce site and back-office systems, we help reduce manual entry errors and increase operational efficiency.

Dedicated expertise and support

iWeb’s commitment goes beyond implementation. We provide ongoing support and consultancy to ensure that your integrated systems continually meet the evolving needs of your business:

Expert consultation

Our team of experts is always available to provide insights and advice on optimising your system integrations to better serve your business goals.

Continuous improvement

We keep your systems at the cutting edge by regularly assessing and upgrading integrations as part of our commitment to your business’s growth and adaptation in the market.

Training and resources

We equip your team with the necessary training and resources to understand and manage your integrated systems effectively, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Elevate your business with iWeb’s expert integration solutions. Contact us today to learn how our bespoke integration strategies can simplify your operations and enhance your online selling capabilities. Let us help you build a seamlessly integrated digital solution that positions your business for success in the competitive market.

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