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At iWeb, we recognise the unique challenges and demands faced by roofing supplies merchants in the building materials sector. Our bespoke Ecommerce and Product Information Management (PIM) solution is crafted to support the specific needs of your business, enhancing your online presence and streamlining your sales and inventory management processes.

Product Information Management (PIM) features

Our PIM system offers comprehensive functionality designed to manage your extensive range of roofing materials effectively:

Detailed product descriptions

Equip your solution with detailed, precise product descriptions including dimensions, material specifications, installation instructions, and more, enabling customers to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Digital asset management

Centralise management of high-resolution images, technical specifications, safety data-sheets, and instructional videos, ensuring easy access and consistency across your marketing channels.

Category management

Our tools help you efficiently organise products into intuitive categories and subcategories, facilitating easier navigation and product discovery for customers.

Bulk import and export

Streamline your operations with robust capabilities for bulk uploading and updating of product data, enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for repetitive manual input.

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Ecommerce features

iWeb’s Ecommerce solution is enriched with advanced features to optimise your sales process and enhance customer interaction:

Customisable online catalogues

Personalise how your products are presented to different customer segments, improving the shopping experience and driving sales.

Pricing and discount management

Implement dynamic pricing strategies tailored to varying customer types, order quantities, and promotional campaigns, enhancing your market competitiveness.

Inventory management

Maintain accurate and real-time inventory levels across multiple channels, ensuring that you can meet customer demands promptly and efficiently.

Order management and fulfilment

Our streamlined order processing system ensures that from receipt to delivery, every transaction is handled smoothly and customers receive their orders on time.

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Customer experience enhancements

Search and filter options

Advanced search tools and filters enable customers to quickly locate specific roofing products, saving time and improving the overall buying experience.

Mobile optimisation

Ensure a seamless shopping experience on mobile devices, essential for professionals and customers who may need to place orders while on-site.

Customer account management

Empower your customers with robust tools to manage their profiles, track orders in real-time, and access historical data effortlessly.

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Integration capabilities

ERP and CRM integrations

iWeb seamlessly integrates with leading ERP and CRM systems, such as Microsoft, SAP, Epicor, Kerridge, Oracle, and IntactIQ, ensuring that your business processes are unified and data-driven.

Supplier data integration

Keep your product listings accurate and comprehensive through efficient integration with your suppliers’ data.

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Technical support and training

Customer support

Our dedicated support teams are available to assist with both technical and non-technical queries, ensuring uninterrupted solution operations.

Training resources

Take advantage of our extensive online tutorials, webinars, and documentation, all designed to help you maximise the benefits of your iWeb solution.

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Security and compliance

Data security

We implement stringent security measures to protect sensitive customer and business data from unauthorised access and threats.

Regulatory compliance

Our solution complies with all relevant industry regulations and standards, ensuring your business operations remain secure and compliant.

Scalability and performance


As your business grows, our solution is equipped to scale with you, supporting increased product lines and traffic without compromising performance.

Performance metrics

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional performance metrics, including fast loading times and robust uptime guarantees, ensuring your Ecommerce site is always operational.

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Transform your Roofing Supplies business with iWeb. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs or to request a demonstration. Let us help you elevate your business to new heights with our industry-leading Ecommerce and PIM solutions.

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