WordPress website security

How To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

LinkedIn, Ashley Madison, Yahoo! and Mossack Fonseca… what do these companies all have in common? Large-scale data breaches have received […]

How to prevent DDoS attacks

How to Protect Your Website Against DDoS Cyber Attacks

In the past few months we’ve seen an increasing number of websites fall victim to DDoS cyber attacks. These attacks […]

inclusive web design

Inclusive Web Design - Why Our Websites Should Be More Accessible

The web should be a place for everyone. But is your website accessible by as many people as possible? Our […]

Who Backs Up Your Website?

Imagine if Toy Story 2 was never made! Or rather, it was made but then accidentally deleted. That’s exactly what […]

Code Club Volunteering

Over the last year I’ve been volunteering at Stafford Library, running a Code Club. A weekly after school coding club designed for children aged 9-11. […]

WordCamp London 2016 Wrap-Up

iWeb have been attending WordCamp London since its inception back in 2013. We certainly weren’t going to miss this year’s. […]

WordCamp London 2016

WordCamp London has come around fast! We’re travelling down Friday evening, so we can be ready, bright and early on […]

WordPress REST API Conference

iWeb traveled to London for “A Day of REST”, the first conference about the new WordPress REST API which was […]

Show the WordPress editor toolbar by default

Previously known as the Kitchen Sink, but now simply as the toolbar. The toolbar contains a number of additional editor […]