Bespoke development

Creating bespoke modules for specialised requirements.

Magento eCommerce
A selection of iWeb’s open source Magento extensions

iWeb is a company built on bespoke development, and we have a team of developers specialising in PHP and MySQL. With our strong understanding of the Magento code base and a large team of Magento certified developers, we are able to take on any specialist requirements that your project may require.

One of the strengths of Magento development is the ability to build on a large body of existing work, libraries and modules; but this isn't always possible. When you have to integrate with a proprietary or internal system, you often can't find something off the shelf to suit your needs.

And it's not just integration with third party systems: every business is unique and when you have unique requirements, you need software developers who build bespoke software to your exact specification.

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