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Our tried and tested process for successful project delivery.

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Screenshot of the web based project management software, Trello. Showing an example Trello board for a client project

Project Management

iWeb's project managers make sure that your project stays on track and on budget. They are your main contacts within iWeb and guide your project through the whole development process. iWeb employs agile methodologies, allowing us to be flexible and responsive to a project’s specific requirements.

To help with this, we use Trello, a lightweight project management tool built around Kanban principles. Incoming work gets added to Trello as a card, and then project managers select cards to produce a weekly sprint. Developers are assigned cards to be completed during the week.

The cards, progress and priorities are discussed during daily stand up meetings, where developers and project managers discuss the day’s tasks and current priorities.

Security and Safety Standards

Our team of developers have adopted principles based on an established set of coding standards and tools. These standards are built around industry best practices, such as those outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

PCI DSS is especially important as compliance with the standard is mandated by the credit card industry for merchants who accept credit card payments.

Adherence to these standards and our own internal processes are supported by a culture of continuous professional development within our business.

Source Control

We use the industry-standard Git version control system. The evolution of your project is stored in the version control history, and our work can easily be rewound to an earlier version. Rock-solid version control allows developers to confidently make sweeping changes, knowing that all previous versions of your project are safe.

For customers with ISO or PCI auditing requirements the version control change log helps us to create the documentation that you need to remain compliant.

Automation & Deployment

Because of the adherence to coding standards and use of industry standard tools such as Git, you can benefit from our automation of large parts of the production workflow. Repetitive tasks like security and regression testing are run automatically each time a new piece of work is completed.

Deploying new features for a busy Magento website can be complicated: there are often several web servers which need to be updated in a coordinated way. The process requires several steps to be completed and getting them wrong can result in downtime. Automating the deployment process means that iWeb can be confident that the correct steps will be ran at the correct time and that your website will function as normal the whole time.

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