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Magento eCommerce
Migrate from Rails, osCommerce, Shopify, .NET Framework, WooCommerce, ekmPowershop, OpenCart and more

If you have an existing website, it might make financial sense to migrate it to Magento. You can rely on iWeb’s expertise to ensure this happens quickly and with the minimum of disruption to your business.

We have undertaken many successful platform migrations. Here are some example case studies.


  • iWeb created an export of their 10,000 products into the iWeb Middleware format. They needed to export data from their existing plugins and support importing data for the additional plugins used on their new site: Dependent Custom Options, PDF Uploads, Custom Options on Configurable products, Bespoke area-based products.
  • Wanted to split existing multi-sites (9 sites) into separate self-contained instances of Magento.
  • Wanted to revise their data before import. This meant that the data had to be exported in a human readable format, compatible with Excel.


  • Had an existing CubeCart installation.
  • Migrated CubeCart data into the iWeb Middleware format whilst retaining all the meta-data entered in CubeCart.
  • Required a bespoke plugin to allow custom option groups to be stored against products. This was so that new leather colours could be introduced without editing every product and mimicked a similar plugin available in CubeCart.

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