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Magento eCommerce

Security isn’t a feature or a product that can be bought, but a process. iWeb bakes security into your site at every level: our PCI compliant datacentre providers, our change management controls, web vulnerability training for our staff, code reviews and a range automated security tools work together to provide overlapping layers of security.

Penetration Testing

iWeb has several qualified security assessors that it can recommend for penetration testing. An example of our process is to have our in-house security team run automated vulnerability scans against your servers, and perform manual auditing of the application, checking for common web vulnerabilities.

Once any issues raised by this process are remedied then we will put you in touch with an accredited and independent assessor to confirm our remedies were successful, and find anything that we have missed.


To help you achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance, iWeb run a change control process for our operations people. All access to your servers is audited, with an individual’s name next to each action.

Supporting your application includes regular reviews of system logs for suspicious behaviour and patching of application and system vulnerabilities when they are announced.

We test and apply dozens of critical security updates every month and have a tailored our process to Magento eCommerce applications.

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