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iWeb Tickets

To keep track of every customer’s issues and make sure that none get lost, we manage customer support using our in-house ticketing system. Just email to raise an issue and it will be assigned to the right person within the business.

This address is monitored during our support hours and we perform frequent checks of open tickets to see if they are being held up for any reason, such as being assigned to a person who is out of the office.

Only one person is assigned to a ticket at any time. This removes any ambiguity about who is responsible for the next steps, unlike Cc:ing several people on an email.

Even support issues raised over the phone or as the result of meetings will be logged into iWeb Tickets, where the whole life-cycle of support from creation to completion can be managed.

Support Specialities

Broadly, support issues fall into three main categories. You don’t need to worry too much when raising a ticket: We let you know how we’re going to deal with your ticket and who it is assigned to.

Hosting Support

Everything to do with a website being “up” belongs to our hosting operations department.

Operations makes sure that all of your servers are healthy and responding the way that they should. Issues of email deliverability, website availability and DNS resolution often start and end here.

iWeb’s operations team is customarily the front-line of support, and will escalate any issues that can’t be resolved to platform or application specific support.

Platform Support

Platform support refers to issues happening a layer above hosting. Any problems with Magento, WordPress or other eCommerce solutions will be handled here.

This can be questions about where a particular setting lives within your site, a request to check on some unusual activity you’ve seen or help resolving payment issues.

These support issues are handled by a pool of staff across all of iWeb, including managers and software developers.

Application Specific Support

Application specific issues are anything that arises from custom functionality built for your site.

These issues can relate to custom payment integrations, how we’re receiving stock and catalogue information from your back-office systems, or how your site integrates with your warehouse.

In most cases these issues can only be resolve satisfactorily by the same development team that builds your site, so the staff responsible for application specific support varies by customer.

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