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Consumers can experience a highly customised and consistent online experience across multiple device types and interfaces thanks to headless Adobe Commerce (Magento). It provides you with a complete overview of your users’ multi-device experience through headless infrastructure.

What does Headless mean?

For a headless architecture to work, the presentation layer must be decoupled from the backend, where most of the key Adobe Commerce (Magento) functions reside, like the product catalog and fulfilment. Developers can now deliver custom user experiences to any device using an API layer, and the presentation layer is freed from the constraints of the commerce application.

What you need to know about headless architecture

In a decoupled environment, the whole infrastructure required to deploy and deliver the front end can be efficiently managed while ensuring greater security, performance, and uptime of the entire application. Additionally, it allows developers to easily route device-specific and functionality-specific needs to the appropriate services.

Dynamic cache is a browser extension that allows caching of responses, media, and API values for more time, reducing the load on backend components and allowing for a much faster user experience.

Architectural freedom

We manage your Adobe Commerce (Magento) infrastructure so merchants can be more flexible in building and evolving their presentation layer, refreshing their brand, accelerating end-user experiences, securing their storefronts, and scaling the site’s capacity to meet changing user demand.

Is a PWA necessary?

Sometimes, but not always. However, you might consider creating a progressive web application (PWA) if your mobile traffic is increasing, but a mobile app is too cumbersome and expensive. Adobe Commerce (Magento) merchants can use PWAs to deliver a mobile app-like experience without users having to download and install apps.

Hybrid PWA approach

Consider a more simplistic approach. Take advantage of the benefits that PWA offers, like push notifications, an app-like experience, and better 404’s, while leveraging Adobe Commerce (Magento), and the platform’s 3rd party services and extension marketplace.

This, when combined with a mobile-first framework, could offer you the best return on your investment.

Things to consider

By deploying headless or Adobe Commerce (Magento) PWAs as one managed application, you are able to see how your performance and availability affect your users’ experience across a variety of devices, plus you can easily route traffic to alternate backends as new shopping touch-points are added.

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