AI Plastics

Implementing an intuitive ordering process for the UK’s leading engineering plastics and polymers provider.


AI Plastics


B2B eCommerce, B2C eCommerce, Magento 2

Streamlining and simplified product finder


Given the huge range on offer from AI Plastics, with a vast array of variables products and applications for each SKU, the number of pages required to house all of these would be extremely impractical.  We created a custom product finder to allow users to select a material, colour and dimensions to populate a bespoke product page to allow them to checkout quickly and easily with an order that meets their exact requirements.

Custom products, custom pricing

For customers requiring more specific quantities of product we applied a matrix based pricing system to allow specific polymers, laminates and other materials to be sold by length or by the sheet, providing more accurate quotes and reducing the burden on frontline customer service staff. As not all orders are alike, we implemented the functionality to allow users to request bespoke fabrication, such as rounded corners, polished edges and pre-drilled holes, to suit their exact requirements.


  • Magento 2 front and backend development
  • Custom built pricing matrix
  • Bespoke product finder integration
  • On-site blogging integration with AW Blog
  • Bespoke Mailchimp integration
  • Braintree & PayPal payments

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