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World-Wide Websites for an International Performance Power Tool Vendor.

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OX Tools came to iWeb to build the site for the UK launch of this 40-year established Australian tool company, and soon after to roll out sites for their network of 18 offices in 10 countries.

  • Visitors to the international site are redirected to their country‚Äôs own site
  • Global content distribution makes the site as fast in Melbourne as it is in Manchester
  • Aggressive caching creates a snappy first experience for visitors
  • Totally custom 3D product viewer on the homepage
  • Solr search with tool-specific filters



"Fast, creative, and excellent attention to detail!

iWeb has been a pleasure to work with from the start by understanding our needs, providing clear communication channels, and helping us with creative ideas associated with our site. In addition to the initial setup, their follow up care has been very good. I would highly recommend iweb!"

Ralph Markham

General Manager - Sales and Marketing

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Product Listing

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Product Detail

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