Quantum Music Works

Boutique music licensing agency with a hand curated collection of composers and independent artists. We launched a website where users can browse, listen and purchase music licenses.


Quantum Music Works


B2B eCommerce, Bespoke Web Development, Front End Development, Responsive Design


Based in Vancouver but with a global network of world-class artists, Quantum Music Works work are the go-to choice for many recognisable brands - from the BBC through to Nasa!

They tasked us with creating a new, highly customised eCommerce website to ensure a seamless and enjoyable licensing experience for their ever growing audience of filmmakers, videographers, producers, ad agencies and other creative professionals.


Using Ajax technology, customers can enjoy an undisrupted listening experience as they browse between pages on the website - perfect for users to find and queue up tracks they’re interested in listening to.

The bespoke license builder walks customers through the available options, helping them make an informed decision on which license fits their requirements. Once selected they can proceed through the checkout and print their own customised license. Music licensing made easy.


  • Uninterrupted listening experience as you browse the website
  • Bespoke license builder
  • Elasticsearch for improved search results
  • Load more products without moving away from the product listing page
  • Ajax technology used for browsing between pages
  • One-step checkout

"Fantastic Guidance and Outstanding Customer Support. After several bad experiences with web developers, it was a HUGE relief to find iWeb and have their team take care of our website, from inception to completion. They are genuine, helpful, reliable, great problem solvers and infinitely patient. Highly recommended!”

Julie Begg - Owner

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