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When making Rayware there was little margarine for error

You might not be aware of the Rayware Group, but chances are you’ve got one of their products in your kitchen! With brands like Viners, Mason Cash and Typhoon they’re one of the UK’s leading providers of house­ware goods supplying department stores, independent cook shops, garden centres and gift shops across the UK and internationally.

Already a successful B2B business, Rayware wanted to maximise their on­line sales potential with a website that triggered more sales from existing customers and encouraged new customers on­board.


Project requirements

An open source platform was key ­Rayware wanted to move away from their bespoke system to ensure longevity and gain the peace ­of ­mind that working with a popular platform brings. iWeb’s expertise in Magento and experience building B2B sites meant we were the perfect match!

How we did it

We changed our approach for the site­build. The complexity of the bespoke back-­office data integration meant we wanted to build a fully integrated development site before we even thought about how it could look, a far cry from the traditional design > front­ end > back­end process we used to employ.

It paid dividends. We were able to iron out any data exchange issues and finalise front end functionality before the designers got to work, the result? Designers that knew exactly the elements for each page so they could get creative, safe in the knowledge that the spec wasn’t going to change later in the build­ cycle ­a win win.

What we did

So we know what you’re thinking, what did we do to drive more sales? One way was targeted­ content. Customers are presented with products, promotions, banners and messages specifically designed to encourage purchases that might have otherwise been overlooked.


Rayware understand that customers aren’t all the same so wanted to provide options when placing an order, The logic? If customers are happy with the ordering process they’ll order more! iWeb set to work building these easy ordering alternatives:

Can you see it?

In short, no  it’s for trade customers only, so you’ll just have to take our word for it that it’s great.

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