Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little bubbles of life that we miss out on awesome new things happening on this glorious planet. Wanting to burst my knowledge bubble I started looking around and reading up on some some of the hottest emerging eCommerce technology trends. Here’s what caught my attention…

Businesses To Watch:

“A simple, yet powerful tool for automating Facebook & Instagram advertising.” offers A/B testing and predictive budgeting for advertisers using Facebook & Instagram. It has grown substantially in the last year and now boasts offices in San Francisco, Berlin & Singapore.


“Discover fashion trends, beauty and lifestyle every day with articles from our expert stylists.”

Often described as the “Tinder for fashion” this eCommerce app lets its users swipe through personalised fashion suggestions that have been curated by stylists and buy them by double tapping. It’s system integrates easily with many existing online stores, their suggestions currently include clothing from the likes of ASOS, Topshop & Zara.


“The world’s first agency to pioneer bespoke innovative electronic wearable technology for the fashion industry.”

Former engineer, Lisa Lang, wanted clothes that expressed her ‘nerdiness’ and so ElektroCouture was founded. They sell LED jewellery and clothes that glow in the dark, there’s even a jacket that changes colour based on texts it receives!


“We are a young and modern retail company, who aim to make buying trendy and affordable everyday products a pleasant undertaking.”

This online fashion store, built on Magento, claim to have an algorithm that looks for the latest trends on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook to help them decide what our next lines should be. They  work with factories to produce more than 50,000 low-cost products faster than traditional retailers.


“Mirakl’s ambition is to be the catalyst of a marketplace revolution that will transform the traditional e-commerce landscape”

This SAAS marketplace platform allows retailers to create online marketplaces has been successfully integrated into world-leading frameworks, including Magento. Their clients include Best Buy, Darty and Harvey Nichols.


“Promote anything you want without annoying your customers”

This AI powered predictive marketing solution claims to make marketing campaigns 30% more profitable. It analyses companies databases of products and clients to predict what they will buy in the future. Scary!


“Hosted Search API that delivers instant and relevant results from the first keystroke”

This search-as-a-service offering is growing fast and delivers an intuitive search-as-you-type experience on your websites and mobile apps, and requires just a few lines of code to implement.


“Utterly original bouquets delivered to your home. On repeat.”

Bloomon grow flowers and ship them within 36 hours of picking straight to subscribers. You simply choose your bouquet size, how often you want them and they handle the rest – and delivery is free!


“Imagine a proven way to make your website a social destination where you can connect on a deeper level with your customers and accelerate your business. That’s inSided.”

Helps companies build online communities for their brands and improve customer intimacy, advocacy and profitability by fostering online conversations at every stage of the customer life cycle.


“Reviews are just the beginning”

Used by more than 100,000 businesses, this platform helps eCommerce businesses to generate reviews, ratings, questions & answers and more user-generated content for their websites.


“Provide split payment and single payment services to your merchants with iyzico.”

With more than 29,000 registered merchants, Iyzico has seen a 500% increase in the average number of transactions. Added bonus: they have a Magento module available for download.

Worth a mention:

Visionteractive – social media-based, fun and interactive physical and digital products, bridging the gap between the online and actual world.

Carwow – The Smart Way to Buy a New Car.

Insider – Multi-channel digital experience platform for marketers. Personalization, predictive segmentation and real-time technologies accessible from a unified data engine.

Chic by choice – The dress hire destination to rent Designer Dresses and hire Evening Gowns.

Prodsmart – Get clear and actual data about your factory’s performance, reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Catawiki – Europe’s fastest growing online auction house, featuring a wide range of special objects.

Wallapop – Make money selling the stuff you don’t need any more and find nice opportunities in your area.

Colu – Creating local currencies for smart economies using blockchain technology.

Paylinko – Get paid with a link.

On Demand

On Demand Shopping

So it turns out we want everything right now, but we don’t want to get up and fetch it ourselves. Spells a dilemma, right? Not anymore! Companies offering everything from groceries to clothes to hitching a ride have been popping up all over the place and growing fast, powered solely by our increasing laziness.


“Your favourite restaurants, delivered fast to your door.”

I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard this name, launched in 2012 it is now available in 68 cities in 12 countries. More good news: they are still expanding with 30 additional UK towns and cities to be added to the list by the end of 2016!


“Deskbookers is a trusted online platform where people throughout Europe can experience unique and inspiring working spaces.”

Started in Amsterdam and allowing users to book workspaces and meeting rooms, Deskbookers has already expanded throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK.

Universal Avenue

“Universal Avenue is a platform that the world’s top online brands use to grow at new markets worldwide.”

A twist on the on-demand economy, Universal Avenue want to help business expand internationally by connecting them with their brand ambassadors worldwide.


“Book a ride and in under a second our algorithms match you with a vehicle going your way.”

This rideshare app lets customers summon shared rides on demand and claims to be cheaper and more efficient than single occupancy services.


“Our mom shoppers are experts in making the purchase and choose the best product for you.”

Grocery orders placed with Deliberry arrive in under an hour and rely on a fleet of “mamá shoppers” to pick quality produce at the best prices for customers.

My hot list got long, fast! There is so much innovation happening that it’s no wonder it’s so hard to keep track. Know of something cool that I could have missed? Let me know on Twitter: @RebeccaLTroth @iwebtweets

Photo credit: 026/365 – addicted via photopin (license)

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