Yuasa are the world’s leading battery manufacturer. We’ve been charged (sorry, last pun, I promise) with looking after their websites for the last 5 years. Our latest work has seen us carry out a revamp of their battery lookup website.

The brief

Make it super-easy for car garages to sell more Yuasa batteries to vehicle owners.

The solution

A Magento eCommerce store – http://batterylookupgb.yuasa.co.uk – designed to give garage owners and employees a tool to quickly determine the correct Yuasa battery for their customers. The vehicle-specific fitting information helps to ensure a swift installation, allowing garages to offer a great service – it’s a win-win.

The tools

Yuasa Battery Lookup website

We knew that the key to the success of the Battery Lookup site would be to give the website users as many easy ways of finding the right product for their customers as possible.

The website allows users to find the right battery using any of the following methods:

  • Search by car reg
  • Search by vin number
  • Upload a license plate photo
  • Select by make/model
  • Cross ref with the car’s current battery (Yuasa or non-Yuasa) to find the equivalent model
  • Browse the full Yuasa Battery catalogue of products

Once the user has found the battery they’re looking for, they’re then presented with a wealth of info and product data to ease the passage into a sale.

  • General battery info – e.g code, amps etc
  • Downloadable Data sheets
  • Fitting instructions
  • Vehicle information

Yuasa Battery Lookup search results

A few key stats

  • 15 sites across Europe
  • 17 different languages
  • Live chat functionality
  • Multiple data sources

Sounds simple? In terms of a user experience, it really is. It couldn’t be easier. But behind the scenes there’s plenty going on! All the info, stats, model numbers, downloadable data sheets, fitting instructions etc are pulled from multiple data sources.

And therein lies the beauty.

The backend: a complex Magento store integrating hundreds of thousands of data records from multiple sources.

The frontend: a website that makes it super-easy for car garages to sell more Yuasa batteries to car owners, on any device, at any time.


The site launched last week with a campaign that involved sending out big countertop buttons to garage owners; as soon as the button is hit, voilà, the Battery Lookup site is launched on their screens.

It’s still early days and we’re excited to see the results. Watch this space!