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How to Create Product Pages That Sell More

The way you present your products influences a customer’s decision to buy your product. Which is why it’s so important to provide clear and concise product information in a consistent format to attract customers to your products.

How to Create Product Pages That Sell

The beauty is in the detail. Below are the best practices for presenting your product details along with a selection of the top product pages from around the web.


Key product features

Product description


The Shining Lights

“Show me some examples” I hear you cry. Below are a handful of brands that are on the money.


Hunters are putting the cool back into wellies with these brilliantly visual product pages.

Product Pages that Sell | Hunters Wellies


Ok, admittedly, they’re one of our clients but I love the simple, clean and functional design of Scruffs’ WorkWear product pages.

Product Pages that Sell | Scruffs Workwear

MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches do a great line in sleek and stylish watches. No great surprise then that their product pages are also just that.

Product Pages that Sell | MVMT Watches


Brandoutlet.com is a classic example of a fashion product page where the beauty is in the detail.

Product Pages that Sell | brandoutlet.com

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