The way you present your products influences a customer’s decision to buy your product. Which is why it’s so important to provide clear and concise product information in a consistent format to attract customers to your products.

The beauty is in the detail. Below are the best practices for presenting your product details along with a selection of the top product pages from around the web.


  • Capitalise the first letter of each word.
  • Do not capitalise conjunctions (and, or, for), articles (the, a, an), or prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, on, over, with).
  • Use numerals (2 instead of two).
  • State the number of items in a bundled product (e.g pack of 10).
  • Keep it under 200 characters, but make sure to include critical information.
  • Do not include price and quantity.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS.
  • Do not include promotional messages, such as “sale” or “free ship.”
  • Do not include subjective commentary, such as “Hot Item,” or “Best Seller.”

Key product features

  • Highlight the top five features that you want customers to consider. For example:
    • Dimensions
    • Age appropriateness
    • Country of origin
    • Warranty information
  • Begin each bullet point with a capital letter
  • Write in fragments and do not include ending punctuation
  • Write all numbers as numerals
  • Separate phrases in one bullet with semicolons
  • Spell out measurements, such as inch or feet
  • Do not use hyphens, symbols, periods, or exclamation points
  • Do not write vague statements; be as specific as possible with product features and attributes
  • Do not include promotional and pricing information

Product description

  • Describe the major product features, such as size, style, and what the product can be used for
  • Include accurate dimensions, care instructions, and warranty information
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and complete sentences
  • Do not include any of the following types of information:
    • Seller name
    • E-mail address
    • Website URL
    • Company-specific information
    • Details about another product that you sell
    • Promotional language such as “SALE” or “free shipping”


  • Have pure white backgrounds
  • Have at least 1,000 dpi, so that it won’t turn fuzzy when customers zoom in on your image
  • Show the entire product, and have the product occupy at least 80 percent of the image area
  • Include only what the customer will receive

The Shining Lights

“Show me some examples” I hear you cry. Below are a handful of brands that are on the money.


Hunters are putting the cool back into wellies with these brilliantly visual product pages.

Product Pages that Sell | Hunters Wellies


Ok, admittedly, they’re one of our clients but I love the simple, clean and functional design of Scruffs’ WorkWear product pages.

Product Pages that Sell | Scruffs Workwear

MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches do a great line in sleek and stylish watches. No great surprise then that their product pages are also just that.

Product Pages that Sell | MVMT Watches is a classic example of a fashion product page where the beauty is in the detail.