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Our Partners, Klevu, Host A Lunch ‘N’ Learn Session

iWeb have recently become partners with Klevu, an intelligent search software tool that generates sales. They kindly hosted a lunch ‘n’ learn session where we got to grips with not only the basics but some of the highly technical features too. To find out what gems of knowledge we picked up, read on.

Klevu Lunch N Learn | iWeb

What is Klevu?

As already mentioned, Klevu is a clever tool used to enhance search navigation on eCommerce sites. It’s used widely by 3000+ stores in 40 countries. With its multilingual search engine, you can handle over 30 languages to cater to all of your customers, delivering them a great shopping experience, wherever they are.

Key Features

The Benefits

With your customers wanting a more personalised, quick shopping experience, you’ll want to optimise your site to do just that. Implement Klevu can help increase the speed at which customers can find their desired products. It does this by optimising the speed of category listing pages and delivers results instantaneously.

It also has AI-powered learning which utilises historical search and sales-driven data to automatically optimise the product ranking on the category page. This means it eliminates the need for manual merchandising by automatically ranking the products on category pages based on AI-powered ranking.

Top 3 Things We Learnt

From our Klevu Lunch ‘n’ Learn session, we took away with us a whole variety of useful insights. The demo showcased real-life examples of how we could also make the most of the tool. One of the live examples was Lola Rose London, a jewellery brand. Before even typing a query into the search bar, suggested search terms are given. These are based on those that customers commonly look for and this has automatically been picked up by Klevu.

1. Create and Customise Search Suggestions

If you want to push a certain product or category, you can also customise what’s displayed here to do just that. This means you can help to drive traffic to these pages to boost product awareness and sales.


Popular Suggestions | Klevu Lunch N Learn | iWeb


2. Incorrect Spellings Get Accurate Search Results

Another example highlights Klevu’s unique ability to understand advanced errors such as the misspelling of words. For example, if a user misspells the word “necklace” to “newcklacee e”, you’d be presented with the following:

Lola Rose Case Study | Klevu Lunch N Learn | iWeb

From the above image, you can see that the search results consisted of relevant and popular results, regardless of the incorrect search term that was entered. Clever.

3. See Specific Products Via Search Bar

Instead of carrying out a search and then being directed to a different page, on the BabyBunting website, the search navigation shows you suggestions, pages, categories and even specific products.

Product Results | Klevu Lunch N Learn | iWeb

The product information that is displayed in the results varies from product image, product title, price and in some cases, ratings. You can customise which of these options are shown to make your search personal to both your brand and your customers.

To find out more about Klevu, speak to one of our friendly project managers.

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