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iWeb Announced As Akeneo Silver Partners

iWeb are proud to announce that we are now Akeneo Silver Partners in recognition of our efforts to promote and deploy Akeneo PIM solutions. In just 10 months since becoming Akeneo Bronze Partners, we are now the highest ranked silver partner in the UK, and the 8th highest ranked Akeneo partner in the world.

Let’s recap some of the benefits of Akeneo and what Silver partnership status means for you.

The Benefits of Akeneo PIM

There are many benefits that come with Akeneo but for our Magento Commerce clients, you can expect things like decreasing the time time to market product across multiple channels, streamlined localisation workflows to easily translate your data and most importantly, increasing turnover.

As a retailer, it’s highly important that you fully consider investing in a PIM, whether that’s Akeneo or not. You can learn more as to why retailers need a PIM, here.

Akeneo PIM Projects

Our highly skilled team of Magento developers have been integrating Akeneo with various Magento 1 and Magento 2 projects, helping our clients to effectively organise and manage their goods to deliver compelling product experiences that support great customer experiences.

Right now, we have three Akeneo PIM projects in flight. These range from basic integrations up to Akeneo Enterprise integrations.


We’re currently integrating Akeneo PIM for Zipvit’s new Magento 2 site. Zipvit sells a mix of simple products and configurable products, also known as product models which can now easily be uploaded, organised and managed through Akeneo PIM.

Prime Loops

Our second integration thats underway is for the client, Prime Loops. Prime Loops specialise in providing unique audio samples and music for music producers. In order to deliver a great user experience we created coding in their Magento 2 site and paired this with Akeneo PIM so that their new site would support downloadable products.

Wayland Games

We’re also working on an Akeneo Enterprise integration which is ongoing with Wayland Games. Wayland Games is Europe’s largest independent retailer for tabletop hobbies.

With such large numbers of products to manage each with varying assets, the Enterprise version and it’s extra features including Product Asset Management (PAM) will play a crucial role to ensure their site delivers a great customer experience.

To Sum Up

It’s been a great year for us as an Akeneo Partner and with some great projects in the pipeline, we’re hoping to generate more success for our clients by boosting their sales conversions, making product management more effective and giving their customers an greater shopping experience.

Interested in Akeneo PIM? Drop us a line to find out how we can help, we’re always happy to talk.

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