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Using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and working with iWeb, an Adobe partner, offers numerous benefits:

  • Expertise and guidance: We are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of AEM. We can provide guidance on best practices, implementation strategies, and customised solutions tailored to your organisations specific needs.
  • Implementation support: iWeb can assist with the implementation process, ensuring a smooth deployment of AEM within your organisation. We can handle tasks such as configuration, customisation, and integration with other systems.
  • Customisation and extension: Our skilled team can customise AEM to align with your brand guidelines, user experience requirements, and business objectives. We can also develop custom components, workflows, and functionalities to meet your unique needs.
  • Integration with Adobe ecosystem: iWeb can seamlessly integrate AEM with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign, enabling a unified and seamless digital experience across channels.
  • Training and support: We offer training programs and ongoing support to empower your team with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively utilise AEM. This ensures that your staff can efficiently manage and optimise the platform to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Scalability and flexibility: With the assistance of our skilled professionals, you can scale your AEM implementation to accommodate growth and evolving business requirements. iWeb can help design a scalable architecture and implement best practices for long-term success.
  • Maximised ROI: By leveraging the expertise of iWeb, you can maximise the return on your investment in AEM. We can help you drive user engagement, improve operational efficiency, and achieve your digital marketing goals effectively.

Learn more how iWeb has amplified our clients’ digital presence by harnessing the capabilities of Adobe Experience tools.

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Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Elevate your website performance

Adobe Experience Manager Sites stands as the preeminent content management system empowering marketers and developers to craft high-performance pages across all digital platforms, from web to mobile to applications.

73% of consumers consider a positive customer experience to be a key factor in their purchasing decisions

Enhance site performance

  • Increase site discoverability, traffic, and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced load times and responsiveness elevate search rankings, traffic, and conversion rates.
  • Experience Manager Sites boasts unique out-of-the-box capabilities to maximise performance, significantly improving Core Web Vitals and Google Lighthouse Scores.
  • Achieve higher SEO rankings, reduce bounce rates, and keep customers engaged with faster page delivery.

Streamline content creation

  • Eliminate bottlenecks in digital content creation and delivery.
  • To meet evolving customer expectations, brands must deliver a diverse array of web and app content rapidly.
  • Experience Manager Sites stands as the sole CMS empowering every marketer to swiftly create and edit webpages.
  • Allow teams to author pages with familiar tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Enable marketers to utilise a simple drag-and-drop interface for layout and page structure adjustments, with a live preview ensuring adherence to design standards.
  • Increase team empowerment to create pages, with governance in place, to personalise site and app experiences for all customers.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience

Optimise through testing

  • Enhance engagement and conversion rates with continuous page optimisation.
  • Experience Manager Sites simplifies experimentation and testing, without the need for additional development cycles or integration with third-party vendors, thanks to built-in experimentation and automated reporting capabilities.
  • Conduct A/B simple tests swiftly.
  • Run full-page experiments across design, content, and UX simultaneously.
  • Access insights easily via a chatbot to receive rapid answers on page performance.

Accelerate development

  • Accelerate web and app development with flexible developer tools.
  • Experience Manager Sites adopts a “build less” approach to development, welcoming the use of well-known JavaScript and CSS frameworks.
  • Benefit from pre-optimised boilerplate code to provide the best starting point.
  • Automatically report degradations to maintain fast page load times.
  • Adopt a content-first approach that accelerates development cycles by enabling authoring, design, and coding to occur in parallel, rather than through traditional linear development processes.

Companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared to only 33% for those with weak strategies

Craft omnichannel experiences

  • Excite customers with engaging content wherever they are.
  • Experience Manager Sites offers user-friendly tools to create, manage, and deliver compelling content across all digital properties.
  • Collaborate globally with consistent design systems, reusable content components, direct access to governed assets, and translation workflows.
  • Utilise responsive design tools to ensure consistent experiences throughout web, mobile, and app journeys.

Adopt headless CMS

  • Flexibility to work with all technology.
  • Experience Manager Sites expands authoring options for headless and headful delivery models out-of-the-box.
  • Content can be created and managed as reusable content fragments deliverable in any frontend of choice.
  • Utilise intuitive and comprehensive APIs.
  • Choose from a broad catalog of ready-made extensions or build custom integrations with the third-party extensibility framework.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Adobe Experience Manager Assets represents a cloud-native DAM tailored to today’s content demands, facilitating the seamless management of millions of assets to create, manage, deliver, and optimise personalised experiences at scale.

Companies that prioritise digital customer experiences are seeing revenue increase by up to 10% and cost reduction by up to 25%

Scalable asset management

  • Effectively manage millions of assets through a single, cloud-based solution.
  • Reimagine digital asset management, designed to scale alongside your organisation’s growth.
  • Enhance performance with interactive and immersive assets, including videos and 3D assets.
  • Foster collaboration among IT, creative, and marketing teams to rapidly create personalised experiences.
  • Automatically scale DAM capabilities over time to meet customer demands.
  • Track each asset and its usage to make real-time modifications and optimisations to each experience.

Intelligent automation

  • Streamline content creation with AI-driven capabilities and automation, transforming a single asset into thousands of variations.
  • Edit content of any size, format, resolution, crop, or effect directly within the DAM.
  • Quickly locate similar assets and automatically resize them for any format.
  • Save time and deliver personalised experiences faster with AI to streamline tagging, cropping, and distribution.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience

Integrated ecosystem

  • Maximise the value of your content from ideation to execution.
  • Empower teams to create, collaborate, and deliver quickly with a fully connected DAM ecosystem.
  • Enable creatives to access and edit assets from their preferred Adobe Experience Cloud and Experience Cloud applications.
  • Expedite content creation with seamless workflow management, ensuring assets are built, reviewed, and automatically tagged.
  • Leverage available integrations for third-party applications or teams to maintain an up-to-date and fully optimised DAM.

Dynamic media delivery

  • Deliver countless asset variations across devices swiftly.
  • Accelerate the delivery of immersive content to every channel and gain insights along the journey.
  • Optimise assets upon delivery, saving time and budget.
  • Create interactive assets and deliver them where customers are to craft personalised experiences.
  • Utilise 3D assets to create engaging experiences such as 360-product views, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR).

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