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Partnering with iWeb enhances your experience with Adobe Real-Time CDP, enabling you to harness the power of real-time customer data to deliver personalised experiences and drive business success.

  • Expertise and guidance: iWeb possess deep expertise in Adobe Real-Time CDP and can offer valuable guidance on its implementation, configuration, and optimisation. We can help tailor the platform to your specific business needs and objectives.
  • Customisation and integration: We customise Adobe Real-Time CDP to align with your unique business requirements and integrate it seamlessly with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and third-party systems. This ensures a unified and comprehensive view of customer data across your organisation.
  • Implementation support: iWeb provide support throughout the implementation process, from initial setup to deployment. Our team assist with data onboarding, schema design, and integration with existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process.
  • Data governance and compliance: Our skilled team help establish robust data governance and compliance measures within Adobe Real-Time CDP, ensuring that customer data is handled securely and in accordance with regulatory requirements such as GDPR and CCPA.
  • Training and education: Our support team offer training programs and resources to educate your team on how to effectively use Adobe Real-Time CDP. This includes best practices for data management, segmentation, and activation, empowering your team to leverage the platform to its full potential.
  • Ongoing support and optimisation: We provide ongoing support and optimisation services to ensure that Adobe Real-Time CDP continues to meet your evolving business needs. Our team conduct regular audits, performance assessments, and provide recommendations for optimisation to maximise ROI.
  • Access to advanced features and capabilities: We have early access to advanced features and capabilities of Adobe Real-Time CDP, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and leverage cutting-edge technology to drive personalised customer experiences and business growth.

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Enter the realm of real-time insights

Adobe Real-Time CDP stands as the pinnacle of data management until mind-reading technology emerges. By gathering B2C and B2B data from various systems, it seamlessly integrates it into real-time profiles ready for activation across any channel.

Unified profiles

  • Profiles crafted from live data collection undergo continuous enrichment, ensuring privacy-ready consumer and account profiles are automatically updated based on behavioural, transactional, and operational data.
  • The collected data from multiple channels and systems is normalised into a standardised taxonomy.
  • Real-time tag management and event forwarding facilitate data management.
  • Person and account-level identity resolution and profile enrichment optimise profiles, expediting experience delivery.

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Data connections

  • Efficient data collection and distribution processes enable rapid data enrichment and dissemination to kickstart customer experience management.
  • With hundreds of prebuilt connections and customisable integrations, you can connect data from diverse sources swiftly.
  • Real-Time CDP Connections streamline setup to data distribution, offering profiles that are always up to date and activation-ready.

Data governance

  • Advanced privacy and data governance tools instil customer trust and loyalty by ensuring data security while providing appropriate access to teams across the organisation.
  • A customisable data governance framework, coupled with data source labelling and policy creation, ensures compliance and automated enforcement prevents policy violations.
  • Convenient data lineage allows for easy modifications.

Activation anywhere

  • Support both B2C and B2B businesses with unified, actionable person and account profiles.
  • Leverage person, account, and hybrid customer profiles along with consumer and account-based segmentation.
  • Prebuilt integrations for B2C and B2B marketing and advertising, along with data schemas tailored for B2C and B2B marketing, streamline activation efforts.

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Marketing workflows

  • Harness data science-driven marketing workflows to make informed decisions and generate customer insights.
  • Intelligent workflows with unified people and account profiles empower you to create comprehensive segments.
  • Out-of-the-box reports, charts, and dashboards facilitate visualisation and monitoring, while AI adds propensity scores, insights, predictions, and predictive lead tools, enhancing marketing capabilities.

AI-driven insights

  • Elevate segmentation and personalisation with AI-powered predictive propensity scores and contextual insights.
  • From B2C propensity scores and insights to B2B lead prediction and account scoring, Real-Time CDP offers accurate AI-driven insights actionable through prebuilt and customised integrations for experience delivery.

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