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Partnering with Adobe Target and iWeb brings several benefits:

  • Expertise: iWeb are well-versed in implementing and optimising Adobe Target, ensuring that you leverage the platform to its fullest potential.
  • Customisation: With the help of our professional team you can tailor Adobe Target to meet your specific business needs, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your goals and objectives.
  • Efficient Implementation: iWeb can expedite the implementation process, reducing deployment time and allowing you to start benefiting from Adobe Target sooner.
  • Ongoing Support: iWeb are offical Adobe partners and provide continuous support and guidance, helping you navigate any challenges and optimise your use of Adobe Target over time.
  • Access to Resources: By partnering with us, you gain access to additional resources, training materials, and best practices that can further enhance your Adobe Target experience.

Learn more how iWeb has amplified our clients’ digital presence by harnessing the capabilities of Adobe Experience tools.

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Consistently optimise every customer interaction

We assist in constructing profiles and leveraging them to deliver personalised, cross-channel, and captivating experiences that foster customer loyalty and repeat engagement.

52% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn't personalise communications to them

Omnichannel personalisation

Infuse personalisation into every interaction with omnichannel precision

With a unified customer profile, deliver a seamless and tailored journey across various touch-points, ensuring consistency as customers transition between channels. Utilising Adobe Target’s personalisation capabilities, we provide you with the optimal balance of automation and customisation.

Dismantle data silos to cultivate impactful personalisation

Customer demands have evolved. Offering a generic, one-size-fits-all experience no longer suffices; it prompts resistance and departure.

Hence, it’s imperative to extend personalised experiences across all touch-points, demonstrating to customers that you understand their preferences and aspirations. Tailor recommendations, resonate with offers, and orchestrate personalised journeys that guide them towards fulfilling outcomes.

However, the challenge lies in the lack of resources to craft such experiences. Despite gathering data from diverse channels, siloed data restricts a comprehensive view of each customer. Without the technology to integrate insights and leverage holistic profiles, delivering personalised experiences remains elusive, ultimately driving customers towards more personalised alternatives.

Companies that implement A/B testing see an average conversion rate increase of 49%

A/B and multivariate testing

Eliminate guesswork with A/B and multivariate testing

To enhance any aspect of your customer experience, testing is key. Implement A/B and multivariate tests to ascertain the most effective combination of content, layouts, UX, and more across your websites and digital properties.

In a constantly changing landscape, testing becomes essential

Customers are dynamic beings, and their preferences evolve over time. As a result, your business cannot afford to remain stagnant or rely solely on past successes. Continuous evolution and improvement are imperative, considering the ever-changing customer landscape and competitive environment.

Thus, it’s crucial to stay attuned to what works and what doesn’t, not just on your website but throughout the entire customer journey. While you may possess a deep understanding of your business, biases and blind spots can impede your ability to identify necessary changes in the customer experience.

This is where rigorous and ongoing testing for optimisation proves invaluable. While focusing on website optimisation is a solid starting point, it’s no longer sufficient in today’s omnichannel landscape. Customers interact with your brand across various touch-points, and testing across these channels offers invaluable insights. By conducting unbiased, factual, and real-time tests, you gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences, from overall experience layouts to button colors. The key lies in observing customer behaviour, offering choices, and analysing results to drive informed decision-making.

Businesses that effectively add personalisation into their e-commerce strategies can see an increase in sales by up to 20%

AI-powered automation

Empower everyone with AI-driven automation and scalability

Offering each customer a truly personalised experience is within reach. Leveraging our AI and machine learning, powered by Adobe Sensei, allows you to conduct testing and personalisation at a scale far beyond what manual or rules-based methods can achieve alone. Optimise across thousands and millions effortlessly.

Personalisation is effective, but omnipresence is challenging

Customers crave personalised experiences, yet delivering them poses a formidable challenge. Meeting these expectations demands making countless decisions in real time as customer preferences evolve. Moreover, there’s minimal margin for error — any perceived lapse in service prompts customers to seek alternatives. While this challenge is significant for a single customer, it’s magnified when scaled across thousands or even millions of customers. Keeping pace becomes unfeasible.

Achieving personalisation for every customer necessitates transcending manual approaches. The heavy lifting required calls for technology capable of omnipresent support, catering to each customer’s unique and evolving needs precisely as they change. This calls for the integration of artificial intelligence.

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