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Digital Commerce for the Merchant Sector

As commerce continues to shift online, merchants from all sectors are discovering the immense benefits of launching into the digital marketplace. Whether you're a small local branch or a large supply merchant, adapting to digital commerce is not just an option—it's a strategic imperative to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

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Welcome to the forefront of digital commerce for Builders’ Merchants. At iWeb, we specialise in elevating businesses within the merchant sector into the online space, crafting bespoke Ecommerce solutions that serve a wide range of specialists, including:

Empowering online sales for Merchants

Our expertise lies in helping merchants like you to seamlessly transition from traditional sales models to dynamic online solutions. The digital landscape offers boundless opportunities for growth and customer reach, and we’re here to ensure you capitalise on every advantage. Selling online expands your visibility, allows for round-the-clock sales, and enables you to tap into a broader market base that traditional methods might not reach.

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Technical solutions tailored to your needs

We understand that each merchant’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer customised technical solutions designed to enhance your online presence. Our solutions are not just about selling; they’re about creating a compelling digital experience that resonates with both trade professionals and retail customers 24/7.

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Last year online sales for building materials and garden equipment soared, capturing 17% of the total market share

Integration and expertise

As integration specialists, we have a proven track record in synchronising new digital solutions with existing business systems. Our expertise encompasses leading ERP and CRM software including Microsoft, SAP, Epicor BisTrack, Kerridge, Oracle, IntactIQ, and more. This ensures that your transition to online selling is smooth, and your operations are seamlessly integrated for optimal efficiency.

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Features designed for trade supplies

Our Ecommerce solutions are packed with features specifically designed for the trade supplies sector. From advanced search options and customised pricing models to real-time inventory management and detailed product descriptions, every element is crafted to enhance the buying experience and support the unique demands of trade sales.

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We know commerce, let us help you improve customer experience, increase conversion rates, and make that digital change.


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