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The ability to take action from data captured by your eCommerce store is essential for organisations in the age of the digital customer. Merely reporting is not enough. Through digital intelligence, we can help you achieve business success through insight-driven change.

Managing the customer experience

Managing an online eco-system and supporting the evolving needs of a brand’s digital footprint is easy with an Akeneo PXM solution.

Information management for products

We help businesses collect, enrich, manage, and distribute information across channels more effectively by leveraging the Akeneo PIM system.

Analytical tools for the web

Analysing and optimising websites is a key area in which we strive to deliver major advantages for clients, going beyond numbers and hard data to make recommendations to improve your eCommerce store.

Customer insights

We enable companies to leverage enterprise-scale data to drive customer insights, enabling them to make better decisions and maximise customer loyalty.

Intelligence of information

iWeb’s data intelligence team helps multichannel companies manage and interpret large amounts of data to provide insight-driven change.

The database architecture

We enhance and distill data from legacy systems to support the multichannel needs of our customers.

Engineering data

We help our customers transform their businesses by enabling them to move faster, better, and stronger with data by crafting reliable Adobe Commerce (Magento) solutions.


With the use of industry-standard tools for manual web vulnerability testing, we can limit the risk of an attack by analysing data, applications, and processes.

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