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Mirakl is the industry’s only marketplace SaaS platform that empowers organisations to build, launch, and scale enterprise marketplaces.

Pipeline business models have reached breaking point

Technological innovation and increasing online connectivity have sparked a new economic revolution, traditional business models have stretched to their breaking point trying to compete for speed and scale, only agile platform businesses like Amazon, Alibaba, and Uber have consistently exceeded and continuously raised expectations in an increasingly customer-driven world.

Digital giants do not own the platform model

Businesses that embrace the platform model can thrive in an increasingly digital world. Platforms provide improved productivity, agility, and flexibility, allowing businesses to thrive without the risks of owning the goods and services they offer, and you can do the same.

Your business needs a platform

Mirakl’s best-of-breed SaaS solution automates marketplace operations, including onboarding sellers, integrating 3rd party catalogs, managing distributed orders, and paying sellers while maintaining security, performance, and quality.

Transform your online business model

This is eCommerce for the modern buyer, giving your clients the choice and experience they’re used to as consumers, while meeting their business buying needs.

Allows you to sell, learn, and offer more

It is not just Amazon that uses online marketplaces. Mirakl allows any retailer or brand to accelerate eCommerce by offering more products and services from third parties through their own online marketplace.

“iWeb are one of Mirakl’s leading B2B partners in the UK, they build robust, scalable marketplace solutions. They’re a trusted partner and have quickly adopted the platform. We are proud to work together on leading innovative projects, and look forward to accelerating more merchants’ eCommerce with Mirakl.”

Philip Boyle, General Manager UK&I, Mirakl

Enhance customer experience

Through trusted third-party sellers, customers today want more, more quickly and more easily.

Speed up eCommerce

Increasing your AOV by attracting net new customers who purchase marketplace and owned products.

Be more attentive to your customers

Increase brand loyalty by creating a shopping destination where buyers can find everything they need.

Get in touch

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