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We empower brands, retailers, service providers, and marketplaces to master commerce anarchy and win product orders over and over again with our P2C platform.

A P2C platform, the world's first

As the only global, strategic, scalable platform that manages all product-to-consumer information value chains across any platform, any channel, it empowers long-term business success.

Management of feeds

Increase online visibility and conversions via search, shopping, and social channels. Keep brand experience under control with tracking, monitoring, and notifications.

Online marketplaces and social commerce

Marketplaces and social channels can be used to sell directly and compare prices, while product data, descriptions, orders, and shipment updates are synchronised.

Syndication of product content

Create electronic product catalogs for networks of retailers, distributors, and data portals across B2C and B2B use cases.

Onboarding of sellers and vendors

Providing continuous onboarding, integrating thousands of supplier catalogs, and allowing marketplaces, retailers, and affiliates to list, resell, and advertise their products seamlessly with their internal systems.

How does it benefit you?

Productsup has already helped over 900 brands, retailers, service providers, and marketplaces around the world achieve long-term strategic success through its P2C platform. Freed from commerce anarchy, the platform helps you control all marketing strategies, tell a consistent story across all channels, and keep winning customers.

Taking control instead of optimising

In general, organisations rely on four systems to handle product information; this lack of integration makes real-time management impossible, resulting in lost sales opportunities and damaged brand relationships with buyers. Productsup, as an all-in-one integrated platform, allows you to manage the data in real-time, take advantage of fast-moving sales opportunities, and strengthen brand relationships with buyers.

Import data easily

We seamlessly connect to all your sources, including shop systems, spreadsheets, and PIMs, regardless of data format.

Manage channels, feeds, and regions on your own

Automate the process of connecting raw product information to relevant attributes associated with each channel by utilising machine learning.

Streamline and transform entire catalogs

With 250+ drag-and-drop editing options, your product catalog can be cleaned and tailored quickly. Adding VAT, cleaning up HTML, and enriching titles are just the beginning.

Make sure channels are ready

A one-click integration option allows you to immediately see channel readiness, existing errors, and optimise potential.

Exporting channels

Make a big impact on new channels with a portfolio of 2500+ preconfigured export templates. Want your own customised export template? Just ask.

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