Magento Imagine Awards 2019 Finalist

Magento Business Intelligence Essentials

During this year’s Imagine Live conference, which took place from the 23rd-25th April in Las Vegas, Magento, the world’s No. 1 eCommerce platform announced the launch of their Business Intelligence Essentials programme.

Magento Business Intelligence Essentials

Coined by Magento as ‘advanced analytics at an affordable price’, with packages starting from around £75 a month, it’s designed to empower users to make better informed, data-driven decisions which can help to optimise and grow businesses.

At the core, BI Essentials is designed to serve all. It aids experienced merchants who are engaged in advanced multi-channel analysis, while also serving merchants who are just discovering the power of their data. So, whether you have or haven’t got a crack team of data scientists or SQL experts, it’s here to help everyone gain business-building insights from transactional data.

However, it’s certainly far from one-size-fits-all. With Magento BI Essentials, you can define your own business metrics and customise your reporting to reflect your unique needs, adjust anything out-of-the-box and even create an unlimited number of reports.

Package Features

Magento BI Essentials Pro

The Pro version of Magento Business Intelligence Essentials takes us deeper into data, with access to more advanced features businesses are able to:

Have all the answers with Magento

With Magento Business Intelligence Essentials, your head scratching days are over, you’ll be able to answer key questions about your business, such:

Are you looking to learn more about Magento Business Intelligence Essentials, could your business benefit? Then we can help – get in touch!

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