With the dust barely settled from the announcement of their Facebook Ad Campaign just a few months ago, marketing automation platform MailChimp are back once again, this time to introduce their new sister campaign, Instagram Ads!

These exciting social media ad campaigns have been developed to help the user compile a clear marketing strategy – one that has efficiency and affordability at the very core. As well as this, MailChimp wants users to understand that by finding the right marketing plan for them, one that is unique, bespoke and flexible they can make money while targeting new and existing audiences.

So, let’s take a look at what’s on offer as part of the Instagram Ads with Mailchimp package and how it could help promote your brand!

The Advantages of Advertising on Instagram

Instagram have over 500 million active monthly users worldwide so it’s a huge market that your business could be selling too. Here are some of the things you could be doing with the MailChimp Instagram Ads marketing package:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Reach out to existing or lapsed customers, as well as locate new ones
  • Announce new products
  • Increase revenue

Where to Start When Embarking on a New Instagram Ad-Venture?

Define Your Goals

Maybe you’re looking to grow your business, create a greater sense of brand awareness, connect with more people, target a more specific audience or even drive more revenue. Whatever it is, determining the purpose of your ad—no matter the preferred outcome—will help you decide on your message, audience, and call to action. 

Before you even start thinking about your ads, as Instagram is a distinctly mobile orientated app, it’s important to consider (if you haven’t already) optimising your website for mobile devices. By making it easy for customers to browse and shop with you on mobile, you’ll get more out of your Instagram Ads!

All About Audience

Knowing your core target market is central to having both a successful business and a successful marketing strategy, that pays off in every sense of the word. By using Instagram Ads with MailChimo, you can target your existing MailChimp subscribers on Instagram.

However, it doesn’t stop there! With their segmentation tool, you can create ads that target every type of customer, not just your visible audience-base, for example:

  • Potential Customers
  • Repeat Customers
  • Lapsed Customers
  • Former Customers and Non-Subscribers

For example, a potential ad could focus on people similar to your best customers. Once you’ve connected your store, you can create a segment based on the purchase history of your customers. For example, you might choose to use a segment of customers whose total amount spent is more than $100, or a segment of customers whose total number of orders is greater than 2.

Another example might be an ad aimed at people similar to your most engaged subscribers. Create a segment based on subscribers who have a high contact rating. In this instance, you’d use a segment of subscribers with a contact rating greater than 4 stars.

How to Make the Most of Instagram Ads with MailChimp

The Mailchimp segmentation tool is exampled above. It makes it easy and simple for users to create bespoke ads for a specific audience by changing the filtering settings, which cover areas such as a customer’s interests, location, gender and age. 

Put a Plug in Your Marketing Money Pit

It’s a well-known fact that throwing money at a problem won’t make it go away. This is exactly the same when it comes to creating and running a successful social media marketing campaign.

With MailChimp, gone are the days of spiralling marketing costs, Instagram Ads allows you to see exactly how your ads are performing – you’re truly in the driving seat!

How to Make the Most of Instagram Ads with MailChimp

Choose from 3 different Instagram Ad options:

No matter what type of MailChimp plan you’re looking for, from big budget to small budget, you can start advertising your products or services across Instagram with as little as $5 a day.

  1. New Business: FREE (Forever) Create beautiful, professional campaigns and marketing automations for free—no design or coding experience necessary. It’s so easy, you can start sending today.
  2. Growing Business: (Starting at) $10 PER MONTH Level up with unlimited sending, predicted demographics, email delivery by time zone, advanced testing tools, and access to our helpful support team anytime you need it.
  3. Pro Marketer: (Additional) $199 PER MONTH Improve performance with enterprise-level features for high-volume senders like multivariate testing, comparative reports, and much more.

How To Use Instagram Ads with Mailchimp?

Following the simple instructions below, you’ll have your Instagram Ads up and running in no time:

  1. Login to your MailChimp account.
  2. Click Create Campaign.
  3. Click Create an Ad.
  4. Enter a campaign name and click Begin.
  5. In the Instagram section, click Connect Instagram. Remember, you’ll need to be an Admin on the Instagram Facebook page you connect.
  6. Input your Instagram login credentials and click Log in. We’ll take you back to the Ad Builder.
  7. Click the Change page drop-down menu, and choose the page of the business you want to promote.
  8. Toggle the sliders to choose your ad channel: Instagram, Facebook or both.
  9. If you want to refine your ad’s placement, click Edit to choose placement in the News Feed, Audience Network, or both.
  10. Click Save.

Instagram ad campaigns in MailChimp will automatically pull product images from your store into your account, so you can create beautiful Instagram ads that target current customers, help you reconnect with former subscribers or lapsed customers, and introduce new people to your brand.

Analysing Your Ad Performance

Since you never have to leave MailChimp to create an ad or track its performance, you can develop integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns and learn how each channel is contributing to your success.

After running your ad, MailChimp closes the loop by providing easy-to-read reports that help you analyse its performance. These stats are updated once every 24 hours for the length of your ad’s run.

How to Make the Most of Instagram Ads with MailChimp

Here’s what you’ll find in your ad report, and what the terms mean:

  • People reached
    The total number of social media users who saw your ad.
  • Impressions
    The total number of times your ad was displayed.
  • Clicks
    The number of clicks your ad received.
  • Unique clicks
    The number of people who clicked your ad.
  • Click rate
    The percentage of all ad viewers who clicked your ad.
  • Ad comments
    Total number of comments on your ad.
  • Ad shares
    Total number of times your ad was shared.
  • Ad likes
    The total number of Facebook likes your ad received.
  • Average daily budget
    The average amount you’ve spent per day on the ad.
  • Cost per click
    The approximate amount you’re spending on your ad per click

For more enhanced revenue reporting connect your Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce store, to access comprehensive revenue stats such as the:

  • Top 10 products sold
  • Total products sold
  • Total orders
  • First-time customers
  • Average order amount
  • Total revenue
  • ROI percentage

Finally, you’re also able to connect directly with your customers by viewing comments and likes on your ads. In your ad campaign report, click View on Instagram to see a preview of your ad, along with comments and likes from your audience.

We’ll show you the ad in Instagram, so you can reply to comments or customer inquiries.

How to Make the Most of Instagram Ads with MailChimp

With MailChimp Instagram Ads on your side, you’re able to create bespoke ads for your business that are a quick and easy to run. Choosing from a range of prices, Insta-Ads are an affordable way to sell your stuff, identify your audience, as well as locate more new customers.

With ad buying and marketing emails all in one place, this streamlined approach means more consistent branding across all channels. Check it out now! 

Looking to find out more about Instagram Ads and how it could help your business? Get in touch with us at iWeb – we’ll bring you up to speed.