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Easy and flexible, an Akeneo PIM solution helps you to organise and enrich product catalogs, deliver impactful product experiences across all your sales, marketing, and customer support channels, build product experiences, and unlock business growth.

We are a certified gold partner

As a leading global Akeneo Gold solution partner, we ensure that Akeneo customers successfully adopt, integrate, and deploy Akeneo PXM Studio into their technology infrastructure by providing complementary enterprise services.

iWeb have the most qualified developers and Akeneo certifications in the entire global Akeneo ecosystem, all our PXM engineers are fully trained and certificated to ensure your success.

Award winning Akeneo partner

Akeneo Unlock Awards recognise PXM success stories and how a strong and healthy foundation of PIM can impact your people, process and technology while unlocking any business growth opportunity.

We are the most decorated Akeneo PIM/PXM Gold Partner in the UK World.

Having won the Akeneo Global Unlock Award twice for Portwest and Jaguar Land Rover respectively, the Leadership Unlock Award for Henderson Foodservice and SPAR NI.

As well as being recognised for the prestigious Expansion Unlock Award for Kitwave Group, the Accelerator Unlock Award for Bradfords Building Supplies, the Global Unlock Award for PZ Cussons, and winning the Growth Unlock Agency Award for iWeb, we are proud to have been awarded more Akeneo Unlock Awards than any other global partner.

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PXM maturity path

Use our Product Experience Management (PXM) Maturity Assessment to determine your strengths and capability gaps.

We’ll show you your final score after you complete the 14 questions (4 minutes) and how it compares to others. We’ll provide you with operational recommendations to drive your growth initiatives through enhanced product experiences.

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The cornerstone of commerce

Do you plan to sell directly to consumers? Planning to switch eCommerce platforms? Whatever your strategy for commerce, whether you use click & collect or ship-from-store, a well-integrated Akeneo PIM is a crucial first step.

Seamless ERP integration

A variety of applications programming interfaces (APIs) are available via our capability suite that can integrate with ERP services from all of our ERP partners. Our ERP integration solutions enable you to accelerate time-to-market at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

iWeb’s integrated ERP and PIM solutions improve efficiency.

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Changing the way we work

You need the right product information, and you need it fast and effectively, Akeneo eliminates old, inefficient ways of working with product information to unlock your business growth.

Using online and offline channels to grow

Even though you might not own them directly, 3rd party marketplaces are here to stay, and your customers expect them to offer the same product experience you offer on your own website, in-store, and in customer service. How are you setting the standard for your customers to expect? Let Akeneo be your guide.

Product catalog management in one place

Akeneo PXM Studio offers a centralised repository of all your product information for all your teams and for all your sales channels.

Product data collection

Enable your suppliers to upload product data in the format and structure you need for your catalogs, from spreadsheets, suppliers, and from your DAM. We enable suppliers to upload product data in the format and structure you need for your catalogs.

Product data enrichment

Manage your product descriptions, images, videos, and documents. Increase enrichment productivity and efficiency for a faster time to market. With rule-based automation, permissions and workflows, and rich data quality insights, you can create complete, accurate, and high-quality product experiences and information.

Create tailored catalogs

Provide 100% complete catalog and product information to your customers through API-driven connections, enabling sales teams and in-store associates to access the most current product information across your eCommerce sites, marketplaces, print catalogs, and any other sales channels.

“iWeb are Akeneo’s leading Gold partner in the UK, they’ve proven time and time again to deliver highly complex, technical projects. They are a trusted multi-award winning partner who’ve implemented more than 60+ Akeneo projects for a broad and ever expanding number of brands, across a wide range of industries. They have one of the most qualified team of engineers, boasting a high standard of PXM adoption, innovation and championing within their customer base.”

Charlie Hopgood, Channel Manager UK&I, Akeneo

Akeneo PXM Studio

Unlock growth through Product Experience (Px).

The PIM as a single source of truth

Through our leading Product Information Management (PIM) software, your team can be more productive, collaborate without friction, and create great product experiences through all channels. All with a set of flexible enrichment capabilities, powerful automation, and actionable insights.

Product data from suppliers

Establish more collaborative relationships with your suppliers by empowering them to provide you with the product information you need via a secure and intuitive collaboration portal for your Akeneo PIM product catalog.

Distribute catalogs to everyone

Sales channels include people as well! With a secure, read-only portal, you can quickly create and share digital catalogs that can be used to access the latest product information by internal and external stakeholders.

Submit your channels for syndication

By using Akeneo PXM Studio, you can target and distribute your product experience across multiple unowned channels and feeds to expand your business and reach more buyers.

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