Driving more revenue through digital engagement

It is our mission to increase enterprise-level organisations’ digital engagement with audiences to drive more revenue. Planning a high-performance commerce solution aligned with your vision is the first step to developing an effective multichannel strategy. Scaleable solutions built for scaleable businesses.

Trusted by industry experts

IntelliGent by iWeb is a quick-to-market Adobe Commerce (Magento) storefront for fast commerce. Using a microservice-based, API-based, cloud-native architecture, IntelliGent delivers a modern, mobile-centric customer experience.

Change the way you do business with our built-for-business Adobe Commerce (Magento) solutions that accelerate. IntelliGent allows marketing teams to create, test, and iterate experiences the customers demand, while IT departments can prepare for the future at a pace that makes sense for the business without having to rip out and replace legacy systems.

Scaleable solutions built specifically for different industries; Building & Construction, Food & Beverage and Wholesale B2B, all have an IntelliGent home.

Building & Construction Industry

Best scalable Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform and recommended by market leading industry experts.

  • Ability to deliver profitable growth
  • Working with leading merchants
  • Developing business models for the future
  • A strategic approach to trusted technologies
  • Gauge your Product Experience (Px) maturity
  • Invest in a solid foundation
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Food & Beverage Industry

Inspiring the growth of brand preference by creating signature Magento Commerce experiences that solve customer needs and deliver business value.

  • Holistic, rigorous, in-depth understanding
  • Market leading brands across the UK
  • We apply technology architectures and strategies that work
  • Take advantage of our ready-to-deploy solution
  • Contextually engage and understand customers
  • Turning your eCommerce vision into a technology blueprint
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Wholesale B2B

Used by the most technically sophisticated and creatively discerning Magento Commerce brands in the UK.

  • Providing strategic guidance and investing in your long-term success
  • Navigate radical technology shifts, and outperform your competitors
  • A completely unique customer experience
  • An ever growing list of features
  • Leading Product Information Management (PIM) software
  • A quick-to-market Wholesale B2B commerce accelerator
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IntelliGent by iWeb

Our very own Magento PWA Accelerator. Architecture that is cloud-native, microservices-based, API-first, and focused on delivering a modern, mobile-first customer experience.

  • Fully supported microservices via our data integration framework
  • Services delivered via GraphQL, REST and other APIs
  • Allows you to build experiences your customers demand
  • Scalable PWA storefront, mobile-first, easily updated by your internal teams
  • Architected to deliver high performance at enterprise scale
  • Fast, feature rich, high converting, all running on cloud
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