Magento have been named a B2B leader in commerce by the ”The Forrester WaveTM: B2B Commerce Suites for Midsize Companies Report”.

We all know that eCommerce is critical for growing existing customer sales, acquiring new customers, and protecting market share from Amazon, not to mention a sector with huge forecasted growth. It’s been predicted that midsize companies will spend over $1B on B2B commerce platforms by 2021. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at what Magento offers its customers and how it’s earned the title as a leading B2B eCommerce platform for Forrester.

What Do B2B Companies Expect From An eCommerce Platform?

In short, enterprise quality at small business prices and this is exactly what Magento can offer its users. Most midsize B2B companies certain criteria objectives to be fulfilled, they want their eCommerce platform of choice to meet the demands and challenges of their business. Here are a few objectives that form part of the decision-making process for medium-sized businesses:

  • Full-spectrum selling – self-service and full-service options
  • Personalised digital commerce experiences
  • Data-driven merchant tools – for personalisation, decision-making, and automation
  • Agility and faster time to market – with cloud solutions

Magento For B2B

In today’s crowded B2B marketplace it seems as if buyers are demanding an easy, intuitive online shopping experience and if you can’t meet these demands, it’s almost certain that your competitors can. Here’s how Magento performed in the report alongside its competitors:

Magento named a B2B leader | iWeb

With Magento, it’s a platform that can help you create an outstanding B2B experience that exceeds customers’ expectations and now it has the backing of the Forrester report. Here’s what Magento offers its B2B users:

  • Engaging Experiences On All Devices

Everything is about optimisation for mobile devices, creating engaging, mobile-orientated experiences to empower your customers and sales staff and to empower your customer to place orders on mobile.

  • Robust Account Management

With Magento, you can create groups, add and delete users, view detailed order histories, and allow different groups of customers to buy certain products.

  • Streamline Bulk Orders

Quickly streamline bulk orders by creating bulk pricing tiers, with per-unit costs and discounts according to order size range.

  • Master Inventory Management

Make it easy for your business clients to manage their inventory, from drop-shipping to scheduled deliveries, and the ability to track inventory across multiple warehouse locations.

  • Negotiated Pricing Terms

Magento B2B payment options include purchase orders, invoice me, and sophisticated authentication for various options — PO limits, good credit standing, etc.

  • Robust Business System Integrations

Magento seamlessly integrates with your existing backend systems, creating the perfect commerce solution. The Magento global ecosystem includes many industry-specific extensions and custom systems, giving you a faster time-to-market.

You can download a full copy of the Forrester report here.

If you want to know more about Magento’s B2B capabilities, then get in touch and we’d be happy to talk.