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Congrats To Our Newly Certified M2 Professional Developers

iWeb’s Magento journey continues to flourish from becoming a Professional Magento Solutions Partner to now having two newly Certified M2 Professional Developers. Having successfully leapt over the numerous training hurdles, they’ve now made their mark on the Magento 2 community. Congratulations Tom and Branko!

iWeb Magento 2 Certified - Professional Developer

To give you some context:

(and yes, we are showing off now 😛)

What is the M2 Professional Developer Certification?

The exam is primarily scenario-based meaning our newly qualified developers have been tested with “real-life” case studies. Magento state that the exam “is designed to validate the skills and knowledge needed to customise Magento 2” in all areas. That includes highly technical concepts such as checkout process customisations, order management integrations and functionality changes.

Who Can Take The Exam?

This exam is described to be for Magento 2 developers who have a deep understanding of M2 development concepts and have at least 1.5 years experience in implementing and customising M2. With only 48 developers worldwide earning this certification, you can trust that it was pretty complex.

Nevertheless, one of our developers made it in the top 8 certified Magento developers in the world. He now holds over 5 certifications to his name. So, what do our newly certified M2 Professional Developers look like?

Certified M2 Professional Developers | iWeb

Say hi to Tom Williams 👋🏼


Certified M2 Professional Developers | iWeb

Say “zdravo” to Branko 👋🏼


The M2 Professional Developer certification is not just a piece of paper or a digital badge on a website, it is assurance of iWeb’s expertise and credibility in website development.

The Benefits

To find learn more about Magento or why you should choose Magento, drop us a line and we’d be happy to talk.

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