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Akeneo Enterprise Features – Product Asset Manager

Product Asset Manager, another Akeneo Enterprise Edition feature which makes it easier to view, manage and control images in your PIM.

Product information management is more than just titles and descriptions, images are also vital in delivering excellent customer experiences. Online shoppers expect to see images, videos or other media so they can truly understand and connect with your products and brand.

The Product Asset Manager (PAM) is a centralised repository for all your images, videos and files linked to your products and their categories. Here, you can choose whether to localise media files, adapt to each channel and attach them to the right products.

You can create single or multiple transformations of media files that can be automatically applied to assets that are uploaded to the application. Creating multiple transformations is quick and simple as it only entails importing yaml files where the transformations are defined.

What are the advantages of the product asset manager feature?

If you would like to learn more about the Akeneo enterprise features, take a look at our ‘9 Key Features of Akeneo Enterprise Edition”blog.

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