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Akeneo Enterprise Features – Franklin Insights

Franklin Insights is a great new feature for Akeneo Enterprise Edition which allows you to easily map product data attributes from curated sources to your catalogue attributes, then create a proposal that is sent to the workflow for approval.

Akeneo Enterprise Features - Franklin Insights

Manually collecting accurate product data from a wide variety of sources is time-consuming and costly, and with manual additions to data comes a potential for high margin of error.

Fortunately, there is a better way! Using AI and machine learning, Franklin allows for easy automation of processing enriched product information from curated sources.

What is Franklin Insights?

Franklin Insights is a tool used to further enable your ability to deliver compelling product experiences by automating the manual task of collecting product data content.

Combining AI machine learning and Akeneo’s product data intelligence, Franklin Insights automates the process of product enrichment, referencing a bank of over 50 million products directly from manufacturer’s catalogues.

How to use Franklin Insights?

To use the Franklin Insights feature, you will firstly need to activate a connection between the PIM and Franklin. To do so, you need to purchase credits and you will receive an activation code which needs to be saved on the PIM under ‘System > Franklin Insights Connection’.

Akeneo Enterprise Features - Franklin Insights

Once the Franklin connection has been activated and the mapping of Franklin identifiers is complete, you will then be able to subscribe to products for automatic enrichment. When you have subscribed to a product, Franklin collects data from sources in its internal database and then uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide you with rich and accurate product information suggestions that you can use for your products.

How to subscribe to products

One of the main features of Franklin is that users can choose which products to subscribe to in order to receive insights.  This means you only have to buy credits for the most important products or the products that need the most attention and would be far cheaper than buying credits for all products or implementing manually.

There are two ways you can subscribe to products, these are:

Using a product form:

Akeneo Enterprise Features - Franklin Insights

Or using a bulk action:

To find the products you have subscribed or unsubscribed to you can use the ‘Franklin Subscription’ filter in the product grid.

Good to know: a Franklin subscription costs 1 credit and lasts for 1 year

Franklin Insights are already integrated into Akeneo PIM 3.0 Enterprise Edition and automatically syncs product attribute suggestions from Franklin to your PIM catalogue within Akeneo.

If you would like to learn more about the Akeneo enterprise features, take a look at our ‘9 Key Features of Akeneo Enterprise Edition”blog.

As Akeneo PIM partners, iWeb can help you consolidate all of your data into one easy to use solution. Better product information means more purchases and fewer returns.

Contact us today for a free demo on how Akeneo PIM can help overhaul your product management.


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