Client overview

Bradfords Building Supplies, a leading provider in the building supplies industry, sought to enhance its digital presence and streamline operations through a comprehensive e-commerce solution. To achieve this goal, they partnered with iWeb, an Adobe Commerce Gold Partner, leveraging our expertise in digital experience design and development.

Solution highlights

Adobe Commerce Ecommerce Platform

Leveraging the power of Adobe Commerce, we crafted a robust and scalable ecommerce platform tailored to Bradfords’ specific needs. Adobe Commerce provided the foundation for seamless online transactions, personalised customer experiences, and efficient order management.

Akeneo Product Information Management (PIM) integration

Integration with Akeneo PIM ensured centralised product data management, allowing Bradfords to maintain consistency across their vast product catalog. Akeneo facilitated efficient product enrichment, syndication, and localisation, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Epicor BisTrack ERP integration

End-to-end BisTrack integration enables the real-time data exchange and automation between the e-commerce website and the ERP system, streamlining processes and improving overall business performance. With full integration, we effectively manage inventory, orders, customer data, pricing, and other critical aspects of Bradfords business from a single, centralised system. This all ensures accuracy, consistency, and efficiency across all business operations, leading to improved productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

A handful of the key features implemented

Account settlement

Streamlined settlement process for account-based transactions, improving financial management.

Area based product calculator

Dynamic calculator enabling customers to estimate product quantities based on specific project areas.

Area manager

Tool for managing geographic territories and allocating resources effectively.

Auto-generated requisition lists

Automated creation of requisition lists based on customer preferences and historical data.

Branch locator

Interactive map feature allowing customers to locate nearest Bradfords branches.

Cart to quote

Seamless transition from cart to quote functionality for bulk and custom orders.

Click & collect

Convenient option enabling customers to collect orders from their preferred Bradfords branch.

Custom reporting

Tailored reporting capabilities providing insights into sales, inventory, and customer behaviour.

Customer segments

Segmenting customers based on various criteria for targeted marketing and personalised experiences.

Dynamic lead-time calculations

Real-time calculation of lead times based on product availability and delivery location.

Results achieved

Through the implementation of Adobe Commerce, Akeneo PIM, and Epicor BisTrack ERP integration, Bradfords Building Supplies experienced significant improvements in online sales, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The new digital experience empowered Bradfords to offer a comprehensive range of features and services, catering to the diverse needs of their customers while optimising internal processes for streamlined operations.

Partnering with iWeb and leveraging the capabilities of Adobe Commerce and Akeneo PIM, Bradfords Building Supplies successfully transformed its digital presence, establishing itself as a leader in the building supplies industry. The comprehensive e-commerce solution provides Bradfords with the flexibility, scalability, and innovation needed to thrive in today’s competitive market landscape.