Everyone remembers their first day at a new job. For lots, it tends to be a vision of unfamiliar stares, nervous sweats and you, the lost puppy in the corner. Not at iWeb. Instead of feeling like a deer in headlights, I can hand-on-heart say, I have never felt more welcomed as the newest, digital marketing assistant.

The first few days consisted of finding my feet, though, with such great support, I could waltz in with ease! Day one involved having an office tour. For me, they should have called it an expedition around Santa’s workshop. Happy, friendly faces and a selection of many resources, fill every room. From fresh fruit to personalised mugs and high-tech Apple equipment, iWeb have it all. So, having so much to talk about, I have decided to focus on my three, most favourite things about the job to date.

1. Digital Marketing Itself

Since, starting at iWeb in mid-July 2017, I have already learnt so much about digital marketing tactics and strategy. Treated as a valued member of the team, I have grasped every opportunity given to me. iWeb trusted in my ability, involving me in many interesting projects – straight from the get-go.

The Social Media Side

Working alongside my colleague, Jen, my first tasks were to unleash my creativity on social media. This was for client Bimuno. To begin with, I got a thorough understanding of the brand from attending various meetings, carrying out in-depth research and then getting stuck in with the writing. Having lived and worked on this platform since my mid-teens as a Digital Marketing apprentice, I could confidently create optimised tweets, posts and pictures, knowing I had the go-to support if needed.

2. Out of Office Trips

Nowadays, many employees are required to attend external outings in their jobs. Luckily for me, it just so happens that being a digital marketer at iWeb often entitles exactly that.

The Nature of the Job

One of the obvious requirements to being a great digital marketer is to stay on top of the latest trends. That bodes well for employees; we bagged a day out of the office for a trip to Birmingham! Our trip took us to the Google Digital Garage, to learn all about social media marketing. Within 10 working days at iWeb, I was equipped with a notepad and pen, already onto my first big, learning adventure. Surely it can’t get better than this?

Life as a Digital Marketing Assistant

3. The Quirkiness of iWeb

Well, in actual fact, it can. Never have I come across a funnier place to work or more interesting people. There’s plenty of friendly faces and colourful characters as well as plenty of fun, out-of-work activities, (like the iWeb Fantasy Football League) and those making various daily food deliveries, (like bacon baps, noodles and Krispy Kreme doughnuts!). All-in-all, it’s pretty fantastic.

Bright Surroundings

The whole iWeb building is a bubbly, fun work space. With unique art hanging on duck egg blue walls and the bright yellow desks that I sit at, it’s fair to say the place is colourful. What’s more, it works. Practically every room has its own touch of magic: a unicorn in the board room, caveman and shopping trollies on the first floor and some very cool album artwork. Talk about getting an art attack. In time, I’d say iWeb will have enough illustrations to have their own gallery. Art fanatics, watch this space.

Life as iWeb's newest Digital Marketing Assistant

All cheesy puns aside, my time here, so far, has been nothing but a bundle of brilliance. Surrounded by experts in a range of marketing, design and web development, I feel extremely grateful to be welcomed with such open arms.

With their exceptional support and training opportunities, I hope to develop into an excellent digital marketer and become part of the team for many years to come.

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