Following the resounding success of last year’s inaugural Caterite Expo, it’s back for 2018 and we’ve been helping the Caterite team prepare the website to make it even bigger and better. Here’s how we’ve helped make it a stand-out event for Caterite.

Original Site Development

First, it’s important to note without the functionality of the original Caterite site, the new build wouldn’t have been as smooth. With this new Expo site build, it really helped to have a solid foundation to start off with.

When we first started working with Caterite it was clear that due to their growing B2B demands, they needed an eCommerce website that made it easy for trade customers to order more frequently online. So this is just what we did!

The Features

  • Bespoke data integration with Sanderson SWORDS
  • One-page checkout
  • SOLR search for improved results
  • Single, multipack and weighted products
  • Product quick view from product listing page
  • Multiple saved shopping list

Take a look yourself, here.

Caterite Expo Site Features

By creating a fully-functional site with an enhanced UX, Caterite saw their sales sky-rocket and soon after along came the idea of a big sale event to reward customers. The Expo was born!

Caterite Expo | Caterite Big Sale Event

In order for it to be possible, we had to develop a new site that gave both regular and new customers the opportunity to purchase discounted products and win exhibition prizes. Here are some of the unique features we included.

1. Stand-Alone Site

The Expo website is effectively a streamlined version, separate from the original, hence why it’s capable with dealing with big spikes in site traffic.

By operating as a separate site, it has helped to promote the Caterite brand to new users. This helped to expand reach and awareness, undoubtedly contributing to the success of the Expo.

2. Back Office Integration With Sanderson SWORDS

To further maintain the first-class user experience, we’ve integrated the Expo site’s back office with Sanderson SWORDS, just like the original. It operates as an ERP system that holds all of the site data including pricing and product information. In effect, managing the entire site can be done in one place, improving efficiency, reducing costs, giving Caterite control as well as supporting their growth.

For customers, by optimising this integration, orders can be managed easily and also dealt with in real time. Customers can also access all of their previous orders to make repurchasing quick and easy.

Order History | Caterite Expo | Caterite Big Sale Event

3. Delivery Slots

Regular customers will know that delivery is somewhat different to that of regular supermarkets. For Caterite users, delivery is available in slots dependent on customer location. Clever programming has enabled these different delivery options to be automatically generated based on customer identity.

On the Expo site, customers are informed of all the time slots they can expect a delivery in the 4-week sale period, meaning planning out their orders is super easy.

Delivery Slots | Caterite Expo

It’s An Online-Only Event

Finally, it’s important to note that Caterite’s Expo is online-only, making it much more efficient. The huge success of it is a good example for other retailers of how to host a low-cost, revenue generating big sale event.

With sales exceeding expectations last year, they’re predicted to be even greater this year.

Success Elsewhere…

Not only has Caterite being booming as a company, so have the employees within. Their ongoing success is something to shout about and we’ve been doing just that. Take a look at our post on the in-Cumbria Business Awards seeing Caterite MD, Richard Fletcher, add another award to the board.