Those of you who attended iWeb Live last month would know that we’ve been working hard in the background on something special for a little while now and we thought it’s time to officially let the rest of you in on our new project… Kanuka Digital.

Introducing Kanuka Digital

Kanuka Digital is iWeb’s brand new digital marketing agency, offering a full range of services as well as web design and development to help businesses make the most of their online presence.

For over 23 years, iWeb has been leading the way, delivering quality eCommerce websites and helping to drive more conversions for hundreds of businesses.

In that time the digital arena has become more and more competitive, commerce has become more cutthroat and changes in social and search algorithms have the ability to knock entire campaigns out of whack with one unexpected update.

It’s little wonder that, along with being tasked with designing and building top drawer Magento stores, iWeb were often asked to offer more services to help take these new websites to market and deliver results that matter.

This has meant our team has grown quite a bit to accommodate some more marketing bods. There’s been some desk swapping, some new faces, some new skills to take on and a lot of new tea orders to remember.

What is it we’ll be doing?

As Kanuka Digital, we’re now well-equipped enough to be able to offer a full range of digital marketing services including:

  • SEO – thorough on-site, off-site and technical strategies to help sites rank better
  • Content marketing – blogs, graphics and video to engage, educate or just to entertain
  • Social media – building conversations and relationships, not just follower numbers
  • Paid search – managed PPC and Google Shopping campaigns to give you a boost above the competition
  • Email marketing – personal, timely and engaging campaigns that adhere to GDPR

Not only that, but our resident team of WordPress developers and graphic designers are already creating visually stunning websites with flawless UX, while our project managers make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it and on budget.

Even though we’re branching out as Kanuka Digital, we’re not turning our back on Magento or iWeb.

Existing and new Magento clients can still take advantage of our marketing expertise, whilst iWeb’s hosting and support team is still on hand around the clock to give you peace of mind.

Plus because we’ve all been part of the iWeb ethos, we know the importance of open communication, transparency in what we do and an honest, down to earth approach.

So, when are we starting?

Well, we already have. We’ve been helping businesses with their marketing activity for some time now, helping to drive more conversions through paid search, fly up the rankings with improved SEO campaigns and writing blog and social content to keep their fans engaged for longer.

We’re just going ‘Facebook official’ and stepping out from iWeb’s shadow to start up on our own.

Kanuka Digital is the start for us of something new, exciting and challenging.

Whether you’re wondering how to improve your website’s online presence, create a brand new website to wow your visitors or you’re a budding digital marketer wanting to join our growing team – we’d love to hear from you.

And since you’re wondering, what exactly is a Kanuka anyway?

We thought you’d ask. The Kanuka tree can be found across New Zealand, with its white and pink blossoming flowers. As we’re blooming out of iWeb, it felt quite appropriate as a name, don’t you think?

To find out more about Kanuka Digital visit or call 01785 279985 – we’d love to have you in for a chat.

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